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MTV Geek Reports Fan Favorites Classics back as N-Strike Elite

MTV Geek had a report on the NYC Toy Fair 2012, and there was a certain part in the N-Strike Elite section that caught my eye.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hailfire

The Nerf showroom tour ended with a tease of things to come. Hasbro’s “big reveal” for this line typically comes in the fall (2011’s announcement was the Vortex line), but we got a sneak peek of 2012’s news. New “elite” branded blaster and dart technology is going to allow the next generation of Nerf blasters to fire with an unprecedented 75 foot range. Although not show, the featured blaster of this line will be the Hailfire, and several other fan favorite classics will return with new Elite versions.

Interesting. We know were getting something similar to the Recon and Raider. Maybe we’ll see something like the Long Shot return? Whatever the case, I’m filing this under the Rumors section for now.

Thanks to MTV Geek!


Nerf Elite 9-9-12 Spot at NYC Toy Fair 2012 (video)

A small sneak peek at the new N-Strike Elite line coming in August. The video isn’t full, since when the special 9-9-12 blaster came on, the video recording ends. Thanks to The Toy Spy for the video.