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1/15/2011 Travel VLog (Video)

Took the video from my phone. I thought I was going to be able to upload it while mobile, but I wasn’t. It’s not much, but here it is.


Basic Nerf SKRUGG Post Game Report

A picture of the “Octagon”

Honestly guys it’s late and I’m tired. I didn’t take too much video because I didn’t have a camera mount and was playing a lot. I didn’t do the Vlogs from my phone since it said it it said the file was too large to update. I did take a couple of pictures and videos of some of the game rules though. I also have another Nerf Haven member sending me the video footage of the Nerf War. I’ll update this post tomorrow with more info.

EDIT: Sorry guys I’m still tired and recovering. I’ll post these photos later with stories but you can check those out for now.

A Chance to meet Basic Nerf!

So if your in Southern California theres a Nerf War this Saturday in Huntington Beach. If your in the Southern California area, I recommend you visit and play! I’ll be there, so you can meet me if you would like to. Even if you don’t mod blasters the people there are willing to lend them to you to play.

If you can’t go though, I’m planning on recording videos from my phone and uploading them, similar to a VLog. I’ll also try to get video footage from other members. At the very least I’m interviewing the event organizers about Nerf modding and Nerf Wars. That will help inform the “Basic” members and myself as well. Leave a comment if you plan to go!

November 24, 2010 School Nerf War (Preview)

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Packing the stuff Saturday for the Nerf War Wednesday.

Had a bunch of fun today going back to my old high school and Nerfing with the people there. My senior friend had the idea, and I decided to roll with it. We Nerfed in the spirit of Fun, Thanksgiving, friendship, unity, exercise, and bragging rights. We had 16-18 people play, more then we’ve ever had play Nerf there. Two girls even came and played, and they said they had fun. We even got two teachers to play. Watched the Stampede rape in Urban Combat, and I took out four players with two hits on me to win a game for us.

We have video of all these events, not all of it is in perfect angles and all that good stuff. However it is in HD, and I’ll take snapshots out of memorable moments and edit the video together to make it all look good. I’ll shove all this into a post in the next couple of days.

Until then, enjoy this picture of one of the noob players, and Happy Thanksgiving!
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