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Who’s ready for the Stampede ECS? (Article Preview)

Picture thanks to Anthony C of Facebook

Man, can’t believe it was just a year ago when they were coming out with the Raider. I was only about a month into my Senior Year of high school, and now I’ve graduated. *Sigh* But anyways this guy is bringing a lot to the table. It comes with 3 18-Round clips and 1 6-Clip for a total of 60 darts to support it’s rapid fire ability. It’s equipped with the N-Strike Rail for customization, and other clips such as the 30-Round Raider drum and the coming 18-Round Alpha Trooper drums should work with this as well. It uses the well known and notorious Streamline Darts.

Thats like the basic, basics of this gun. Is anyone amazed at this gun yet? I’ll be heading to Target tomorrow to see if I can acquire the Alpha Trooper slightly earlier then it’s August Retail date and the Stampede even earlier then it’s September 9, 2010 release date. Also be on the lookout for a multi-part article talking about the Stampede ECS, what you can expect from it, what it brings to the game of Nerf, and tactics relating to it.


Quick Nerf Catch Up (New Nerf Products)

This is the 9/9/10 Gun, The Stampede ECS, demo event here.

Also check out an official press release for the Stampede ECS here.

Sneak Peak at the Barricade RV-10, semi automatic Nerf Pistol!

The N-Strike Tactical Vest. I hope this is a good item and if so, I would like it very much!

Also the “Clear Guns” are, or have, been popping up around the states. Nerf says their suppose to officially come out August 1, but whos counting right? Hit the jump more info on 3 new guns, The Spectre REV-5 ,The Barrel Break & Alpha Trooper CS-18. Also news on a shield and sword set coming out.

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Nerf Urban Combat 101 (Basic Nerf Article)

Urban Combat 101: An Article by Vigilante

In this first article by me I will give you the basics and factors you should be aware of when playing in an Urban Environment. I am using screenshots from videos recorded by me from games played at my school to help illustrate my points.

1. Your Environment

Know your environment. Knowing the environment allows you to use it to your advantage and avoid disaster areas such as a floor full of glass. Why would you play on a floor full of glass anyways? Know the size of your area so you know how far your guns can engage and engagement points. Know escape routes, and know where the boundaries are in games.

Read the rest of the article after the jump!
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Sneak Peak at new Nerf Products

Alright what can we spot here? First off check the bottom of the display. Theres the new Deploy and Longstrike! The top left features new products as well. That white thing looks like the clear Recon mentioned in the previous post. The red blaster next to it looks like the clear Nitefinder. All the way to the right features new kinds of Nerf vests!