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Dart Tag 20 Automatic Blaster & Super Soaker Thunderstorm Spotted on Ebay

Post thanks to Urban Taggers.
Urban Taggers Super Soaker post.

Couldn’t find a link to the Dart Tag 20 Blaster, but heres the link to the Super Soaker.
Being sold by crusade1.
The Dart Tag Blaster was sold for $160, while the Super Soaker is being sold for $135 including shipping.
The Super Soaker has tactical rail, place for a stock, and has a belt clip allowing you to hold more Super Soaker clips. Great idea I’d say.


Updated Barricade RV-10 Info

Finally some updated info and a sort of press release from Nerf. Urban Taggers has spotted them at his Australian Target already.

EDIT: User worthless on a comment said this guy is is available for preorder and ships December 6 or 12/6. Just in time for the Holidays! Price there is $17 not including shipping and handling.

Also, get 25% off when preordering by using the code FAMILY2010

Hi ######!

Hope you’ve been doing well. J We shared a little information on the new N-Strike Barricade RV-10 blaster yesterday on the FB page, but wanted to give you all the details as well as the official image, in case you’d like to post on NerfHaven. We plan on posting this image to Facebook later today. The Barricade blaster has already been spotted on shelves around the world, but US fans should keep a lookout – it will be hitting shelves around the country before the end of the year.


· Motorized, semi-automatic Nerf blaster

· Revolving barrel

· Holds up to 10 sonic whistle darts

· Compatible with the Tactical Rail System and alternate N-Strike stocks.

· Will be available at most major retailers nationwide and

Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks!

Info thanks to Nerf Haven.

Unknown 20 Dart Tag Blaster

Video uploaded by kevinericon. Wow I like the way this gun looks, and it’s rate of fire. Also the way you put in darts helps for a lack of jams. Hope theirs a tactical rail or aiming sight on this and I think I would buy it. Only downside is noise and battery use. Hopefully this uses something lighter then D batteries.

Thoughts, opinions? Feel free to leave a comment on this video! Urban Taggers also has screenshots of the video.

September 4 – A Day Of Nerf (Video Stills)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Yeah while this video uploads I’ll probably go to sleep, then wake up for some DMV shiz and a dentist appointment, then I’ll come back home and post the video. This video is just a little something to show you guys a fraction of the fun we had on September 4.

In the meantime you can hit the jump for some more video stills of the video. You can right click “view image” on Firefox or copy the image url and paste it in your web browser for each photo to make it bigger. Oh and yes, the Stampede ECS was used in action.

You can wait for me to post the video, or check my Youtube Channel for the video in 720p HD! Also check out 7 more video stills after the jump.
EDIT: Also after some quick examination, these make some decent wallpapers!
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