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Nerf Zombie Strike Sidestrike Unboxing & Range Test Videos

I’ve got two new videos up today! Their an unboxing and range test video of the Zombie Strike Sidestrike. You can view the unboxing video above, which also contains a small firing test and my initial thoughts on the blaster. Below you can find a range test video of the blaster.

I can talk a lot more about the Holster that comes with the blaster, so I decided to make that another separate video. I’ll upload that one later.


Nerf Zombie Strike Ricochet Unboxing & Range Test Videos

Hey readers, I’ve uploaded two new videos today! The first is an unboxing on the Zombie Strike Ricochet blaster. I also give a few firing tests and my initial impressions on the blaster. You can view that video above.

The second video that I’ve uploaded is a Range Test of the blaster. You can view it below.

Nerf Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow Range Test Video (Stock)

Hey there Nerf fans. Here’s the first internet video range test of the blaster in stock form. That means it’s unmodified. Video and test filmed by me.

Shots were fired flat at shoulder height. No noticeable or big enough breeze was present to affect the darts.


With Bow String:

Low: 27ft
Mid: 31t
High: 44-47ft

Without Bow String:

Low: 33ft
Mid: 39ft
High: 47ft

Lots of New Mega Magnus Info, including Internals, Mod Guide, Range Test & 3 Country Prices

Photo thanks to Awesomely Nerf

A slew of new information regarding the Mega Magnus has hit the internet in the past few days, specificlly things I haven’t posted in this site yet. This new information has been gathered here for you all, and it includes a mod guide, internals, a range test, another unboxing, and prices for the countries of Canada, USA, and Singapore. Check the rest of this post for that info.
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