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Basic Nerf N-Strike Elite Ammo Box Unboxing & Review

Unboxing the N-Strike Elite Ammo Box

I finally got an Elite Ammo Box off Amazon and decided to review it for you all. My video unboxing of it can be found above, while my full video review of it and it’s features can be found below. I’ll try to have a write up review of this item in the future.

My Full Video Review of the Elite Ammo Box

0:00 – 3:05 – Filling up the box with 100, 200, and 300 Darts to see how many it can hold.
3:06 – 6:22 – Small stress test and trying to find weak points.
6:23 – 7:25 – Overview and Final Words about the box.


The Basic Nerf Haley Strategic DragonFly Hoodie Overview & Initial Thoughts Review Video


Travis Haley is a former Force Reconnaissance Marine with 15 years of real world experience. After his service, he started his own company, Haley Strategic Partners. In his apparel section of his site, is a Dragonfly Hoodie being sold. It’s being sold for $30 USD, with the only shipping option being priority shipping for around $7 USD. I needed a new hoodie, so I decided to buy it and review it for you all.

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A 10 Month Basic Nerf Review on the Condor 7 Pocket Chest Rig

The Condor 7 Pocket Chest rig has served me well for a little over ten months. I picked it up in June 2012, and used it until around April 2013. I’ve reviewed it and talked a lot about it’s pros, but this 10 month review focuses more on it’s cons and smaller details. Click here to view my original review on this Chest Rig.

I also decided to try and supplement my commentary with video that I took out on the field. Click the time stamps for those featured clips.


Check the rest of the post for two Camarillo HvZ loadout videos I did featuring this chest rig, as well as a direction of where to buy this rig.
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The Basic Nerf N-Strike Elite Rayven CS-18 Review (Write Up)

The box art for the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rayven CS-18

Back in late 2011/early 2012, Nerf released the N-Strike Rayven CS-18. After critical acclaim from both stock users and modders a like, it seems like it was an easy decision to bring the popular blaster into the Elite line a year later. The suggested retail price for the Rayven was $29.99 USD, while the suggested price for the Elite Rayven is $34.99 USD, about $5 more. Is this blaster worth the extra money? If I already own and like the Rayven, should I get the Elite one? I’ll answer those questions and more in this review.

If your not familar with the original Rayven and it’s features, check out my review of the original Rayven CS-18 to keep up with this one. I won’t mention to many features about the Elite Rayven, since the old Rayven has the exact same outsides and shell as the Elite one.

While on the outside the Elite Rayven only has a new (but good looking!) paint job, it has has small improvements over the original, which make a big difference in Nerf games. Keep reading to check out my Elite Rayven CS-18 review in full, complete with photos and videos showing it off in action.
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The Basic Nerf Elite Masterkey Battle Tested Video Review (w/Game Footage)

I’ll be having a write up review of this blaster coming in a few days as well, but for now here’s a video review on the Elite Masterkey I created. I must say, it’s quite the good blaster, and has quickly become my favorite. I’ve even included some clips from some mini HvZ games I’ve played in the review to show you how effective it is. Keep your eyes tuned to my Youtube channel and blog for gameplay in Nerf Wars and mini Humans vs. Zombies games with me using this as a primary.

The New/Old Buzz Bee Tek 6 Pack (Photo)


I’ve seen this in Walmart for the past couple of weeks, and I thought it was an interesting combo pack. The one on the left is the old design, and the one on the right is the new design. I know it’s not ground breaking news, but the Tek 6 used to be my favorite blaster at one point. And I also have a review on it here. Pricing was $9.99 on this combo pack.