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Elite Sonic Ice Retaliator Unboxing Video

We finally get an unboxing video of the new Sonic Ice series that’s been released in Asia. The lighting on it isn’t the best, but the video quality is solid.


New Sonic Ice Series Rampage spotted as Toys R Us Exclusive in Hong Kong, Retaliator & Hail-Fire to Follow

Photo thanks to Hong Kong Nerf Fan Page

There were a couple of leaked accessories that were posted online in the past month or so, but one of the new “Sonic Ice” series blasters has recently been spotted in Hong Kong. The caption, (when translated through Google Translate) says that it’s a Toys R Us exclusive. If you want one right now, you can buy one of Taobao. What’s also interesting about the listing is that one of the images is of the back of the box, which shows the Retaliator and Hail-Fire as two more upcoming Sonic Ice series blasters.


I’ll try to have more info, and possibly a release date on this VERY soon.