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Sonic Ice Series Rampage Unboxing (Photos)

Please note, Sonic Ice Series Retaliator stock is NOT included with the Rampage.

The new Sonic Ice series Rampage now has unboxing photos to go along with it! Keep reading the post to view the 7 other photos of this new upcoming recolored blaster. Thanks again to the fans at Baidu for sharing this.

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Toys R Us site reveals Sonic Series Vortex Praxis Blaster


It’s not too big of new news, since a couple of leaked photos of this new Sonic Series blaster were leaked on the internet a couple of months back, but it’s nice to get some confirmation on this. It’s now on sale on their site for $29.99. You know, I keep telling myself that the Sonic Series is lame, but I have a Sonic Series Maverick, and it’s kinda cool.


Toys R Us site reveals Vortex Sonic Series Proton



Just like the Sonic Series Vigilon I posted about earlier, another Vortex Sonic Series blaster is spotted on the Toys R Us site, this time it’s the Proton for $14.99. A bit pricey for a single shot shooter, but it looks really cool.

Buy one from their site here now!
And thanks to Urban Taggers for posting it up.