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Nerf II (Foam Film Trailer)

This trailer is best described as mayhem, madness, and half naked men. Foam Film is a term I’m trying to get started up with Nerf films. Ya know those Nerf videos with stories and such?


UrbanBravo – Nerf Intro (Video)/Small Updates

This is how my time for Nerf is right now, short and teasing. Sorry for lack of updates, I’ll try to make all in one posts or posts of those sorts in the future when I take time off from blogging. I got some different and new stuff coming in the future though, so come back once in awhile and check out the site.

Also I know the New York Toy Fair happened recently, so check my affiliates Urban Taggers and personal coverage from Foam From Above if you haven’t checked out the new toys and foam blasters yet.