Nerf Urban Combat 101 (Basic Nerf Article)

Urban Combat 101: An Article by Vigilante

In this first article by me I will give you the basics and factors you should be aware of when playing in an Urban Environment. I am using screenshots from videos recorded by me from games played at my school to help illustrate my points.

1. Your Environment

Know your environment. Knowing the environment allows you to use it to your advantage and avoid disaster areas such as a floor full of glass. Why would you play on a floor full of glass anyways? Know the size of your area so you know how far your guns can engage and engagement points. Know escape routes, and know where the boundaries are in games.

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SG Nerf – Spring Cleaning

Some folks in Singapore got together to play Nerf in what looks like a pretty Urban Environment. Great work by the camera man here. I think I’ll write up an article on Urban Nerf Warfare later today.

Nerf Overseas in Australia (Video)

Just showing a video that there are Nerfers overseas! These guys are from Brisbane, Australia. There just showing you there inventory and asking Australian Nerfers to come together and Nerf.

And yes there stock guns, but thats not the point.

Here them playing a little bit in the land down under.

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