Nerf Maverick Tooth Pull

Wow I would have never thought about this. Check the video to see if it actually works!


YM Nerf War

Battleground in the church gym with the Young Mens’ group.

Now that is how you plan a Nerf War. Maybe they should toss more obstacles into that gym area, but these are the kinds of people we trying to aim for when posting.

Nerf 2010 Commercial (Video)

The new Nerf commercial gives fans a look at what’s new for 2010, including N-Strike, Dart Tag, and Sports gear! Forever the Sickest Kids get in on the action, too, with their new song “What Do You Want From Me?”

In this official video by Nerf you can spot the new Deploy and Long Strike in here but it looks like their trying to focus more on their new Sports Lines items.

Sneak Peak at new Nerf Products

Alright what can we spot here? First off check the bottom of the display. Theres the new Deploy and Longstrike! The top left features new products as well. That white thing looks like the clear Recon mentioned in the previous post. The red blaster next to it looks like the clear Nitefinder. All the way to the right features new kinds of Nerf vests!

Nerf 9/9/2010 Press Release

“This year, NERF fans will experience great product advancements across all of the NERF segments and we’re especially excited about the introduction of the collectible Clear Series Special Edition Blasters,” said Jonathan Berkowitz, director of global marketing, Hasbro. “This new, unique series of blasters is the perfect way to honor some of our most popular N-STRIKE products and to clear the way for the newest blaster landing on 9.9.10!”

So to sum it up their releasing some Clear Nerf blasters, two new Guns in the Deploy and Long Strike, sports items, and a new blaster on 9/9/10. View the rest press release in the link below.

A good amount of people are saying some kind of container will come out that holds more then 35 Darts, since both the Vulcan and Nerf Raider were released on September 9 the previous two years. Maybe something groundbreaking like the Nerf Spartan? Only September 9, 2010 will tell.

Press Link: Read Here

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