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Welcome to the Sales & Deals section of the Basic Nerf blog. In here I’ll be keeping the USA readers updated on sales online, or in stores, from the 4 big department stores. Kmart, Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart. I’ll also be including Amazon sales for a total of 5 places. Other store listings will be included if they are nationwide or at the very least on a big scale. Special deals such as buy one, get one will be included here as well. I plan on updating this page least once a week. Stay tuned to my Twitter page and Facebook page for updates on the sales.

Items must be on sale below the normal suggested retail price for them to make it on this page. So for example if Toys R Us has the Retaliator being sold for $49.99, and it’s being marked down on “sale” for $39.99, I’m not going to post that “sale”. The suggested and normal retail price for that blaster is $26.99, and most stores have them for around that price.

If readers want to contact me with sales they see in there stores/country, I’ll be happy to post them on this page. I’ll be sure to give them credit for sharing it. But please have the sale match the criteria mentioned above.

Updated November 2, 2013

Amazon: Currently FREE Shipping on Nerf orders $35 and over

Elite Hail-Fire Blaster $29.49 ($10.50 off)
N-Strike Elite Rampage Blaster $22.73 ($10.26 off)
N-Strike Elite Rayven Cs-18 Blaster $26.24 ($8.75 off)
Elite Retaliator $20.24 ($6.75 off)
Elite Rough Cut $14.99
Elite Stryfe $12.99 ($7.99 off)

Elite 18-Dart Quick Reload Clip $8.99 ($3.00 off)
N-Strike Elite 100 Dart Refill Pack (100 Darts, 2 Clips and Ammo Box) for $26.24 ($8.75 off)
75 Elite Dart Refill Pack $14.99

Rebelle Guardian Crossbow Blaster $17.99 ($7 off)
Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow (Phoenix Design) $14.99 ($5 Off)
Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow (Vine Design) $15.88 ($4.11 off)
Rebelle Pink Crush $5.99 ($6 off)
Rebelle Sweet Revenge Dart Kit $14.99 ($5.00 off)

Vortex Diatron $14.99



Toys R Us:


Items on their site often feature free store pick up.

Dart Refill Pack $7.70
Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 on sale for $25.89
Elite Rough Cut $16.88

Mega Centurion being sold for $44.88

Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow $15.88 (Phoenix Color)
Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow $15.88 (Vine Color)

International Offers:

Amazon UK:

Argos UK:

N-Strike Elite Rampage £19.99
N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 £24.49

22 thoughts on “Sales & Deals”

  1. Great job!

    These prices make Toys R Us prices downright obscene, even when they run “sales” like BOGO50%. The only reason to shop TRU is for exclusives or for items that may be harder to find elsewhere.


  2. There are also older blasters such as the Reflex IX-1, Nite Finder, and Quick 16. There’s even a couple Jolts and a Walkie Talkie set. If you don’t see the dart fill kits, check the shoulder of the aisle, there are a couple random nerf products hanging there.


  3. My local Walmart in Dallas currently has Swarmfire’s on clearance for $12.88, I picked up two. There were about six or so still around (Northwest Hwy at Skillman location)


    1. Thanks for the heads up thelastvulcaneer. Could you tell us a more specific location as to which Toys R Us has that sale? It might be a local sale, and it might not apply to other stores in other places.


  4. logged into kies, plugged in usb followed your tip >settings >about pheud>npoate. The phone logged into kies server, new update found and started to download 384mb. it takes a good 35 mins before it starts up again.


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