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The 5 Best Nerf Deals from Amazon (November 2, 2013)

Amazon and the people/companies selling some Nerf items recently lowered the price on a lot of Nerf item listings. Here’s hit the jump for the top five deals in my opinion. Amazon also seems to have a lot of Nerf items eligible for free shipping if you total purchases equal $35 or more. You can check my Sales & Deals page for more good Amazon sales, or to check other store sales as well.
But keep reading below to see the top five Amazon Nerf deals at the moment.

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Ammo markings for solid 18 Dart clips (Photo)

While searching through ebay for Nerf stuff to buy, I found this clip for sale marked up. While I have yet to test if this is true, I’ll be testing out my clips soon to see, and worst case thing this can be a reference of sorts.

The N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire with High Ammo Capacity (Photos)


More pictures going up for everyone. I decided to try out some popular ammo capacity ideas to see if the Hail-Fire would handle it. Above is the Hail-Fire with 8 18 Dart Clips.

A bottom view of it

Theres a couple more photos after the jump, including 18 dart drums and a Raider drum or two, so keep reading to see the rest!
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Stampede ECS Rate Of Fire Test (Video)

Yeah been up only about 3 hours so far. Sleep like half the day. Just like the Alpha Trooper ROF video I did.

According to the timer this gun spits out 18 darts in 6 seconds.

6/18 = 60 Seconds/?

6×10 = 60 Seconds

10×18 = 180 rounds a minute. According to the Alpha Trooper video in this post the Alpha Trooper can go 270 rounds per minute.