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Mission Oaks, Camarillo Humans vs. Zombies Summer 2010 Photos

Geebs, according the wikia this is the busiest event to date, with 83 people coming to the game. Kyle Lynn has uploaded a good amount of photos to Facebook, and it’s very interesting to see the weaponry people were using two years ago as well as check out what the game was like two years ago. So go check out the full album if you want to see a lot of great action shots. I’ve picked a few favorites of my own and posted them.

Whats coming for Basic Nerf in 2011?

In this little post, I’ll give you the readers a little sneak peak at whats coming up for the rest of the year and 2011 as well. I’ll also address some issues with this blog and you the reader as well.
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Kenosan – Nerf Club Battle (Video)

I brought a camera to a Nerf battle my friends and I had. We formed a club and had battles regularly. This is one of them. Not our greatest, but the only one we video taped.

This was filmed in one of the multipurpose rooms of War Memorial Gym, in Virginia Tech. Blacksburg, VA, 24060.
Awww man. We need more games of this quick soon. Uploaded October 5, 2007 though. Still the amount of customization you can do there, plus the endless amount of tight corners make for some interesting and tense battles.