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The Basic Nerf Super Soaker Tornado Strike + Firing Test (Video)

I decided to buy the 2011 Tornado Strike off Amazon for it’s stock. I figured I’d make an unboxing video, a slow motion firing test, and show off what it looks like on the Stryfe for everyone.


Gizmodo Gallery 2011 Nerf War (Video)

Last yes in December, Gizmodo had a seven day event, on on this particular day, the first 40 people in their 100 limit party to show up got free Nerf blasters. Oh cool is that?

Original source from here.

Urban Taggers confirms Blue Trigger in Stronger Sharp Shot

Urban Taggers got his hands on the blue trigger Sharp Shot, opened it up, and confirmed for everyone curious that the stronger ranges are due to a stronger spring. I’ve heard about it getting farther ranges, but I’ve never seen it opened for a reason why.

Mission Oaks, Camarillo Humans vs. Zombies Basic Nerf Recap (Summer 2011)

Remember how I was mentioned this HvZ event in Southern California? I went to it, had a bunch of fun, but never recapped it much. I took Vlogs from my phone throughout the day during breaks, and posted them, but never really posted info on it. My friend’s friend who went with us took photos toward the end of the game, and I have a nice little story go along with most of them. With these things in mind, hit the jump for my (long) recap on this great event. Be prepared for a lot of reading, photos, and videos.
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