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WWU Humans vs. Zombies Building Clear, Winter 2012 (Video)

Building Clear 2013: First Team of the Night

WWU’s 3rd HvZ Building Clear, Winter 2013. This is the forth group of survivors to attempt to clear the inside of the Cerulean BioTechnologies bunker…

FYI: There is a ton of swearing :P

I believe the WWU stands for Western Washington University. Their Humans vs. Zombies Winter 2012 game was located in doors. Winter in Washington can be a bit harsh, so they hosted it in doors away from the elements. They sent teams through in a role playing sort of fashion game. The moderators and organizers did a REALLY good job setting this all up. You can tell that they worked hard on this. I’m not going to spoil anything except to say that I like the “First Team” video vs. the Forth Team’s video. Be sure to leave them comments letting them know what you think!

Building Clear 2013: Forth Team to Go Through


TheNerfOmania – 12 Days of Nerf (Foam Film)

NoM, along with is bud Bobololo, decide to parody the 12 Days of Christmas with their own Nerf twist. Enjoy, and don’t forget it is the holidays!

Snapfire 8 & Elite Stockade not releasing in USA 2012, Elite Accessories Coming Soon



I’ve been wondering about a couple of things, so I fired off some emails to my Nerf connects. These are the questions I asked:

“1. The white and orange/red Vortex discs that came with the Pyragon are especially great for outdoor usage, since their colors make them stand out and help the user a lot in finding them. Do you know if Nerf has plans to sell those separately in stores?

2. The Dart Tag Snapfire 8 has been spotted overseas for a decent amount of time, but it still isn’t being sold in USA stores. Is it still coming out Fall 2012? Do you have a more specific date or month on it’s release?

3. The N-Strike Elite Stockade is only being sold overseas at the moment, with plans of it to be released at a later date. Is there any updated release date on this yet?

4. In a information booklet handed out in a Dart Tag event in Malaysia recently, a photo of the Elite Pinpoint Sight was spotted. Do you have any other information of it at this time?

My connect that said they would look more into the the Pyragon discs and Elite Pinpoint Sight. And the screenshots above are the basic answers to questions 2 & 3. The Snapfire 8 was an international release only for 2012, same with the Stockade. As for the N-Strike Elite Tactical Vest and Bandolier, their listings online seem to have them being released into stores in early October.

Elite Bandolier kit listing
Elite Tactical Vest listing

Basic Nerf interview with MVP of the Camarillo 2012 Summer HvZ game, Ferris McIntyre

While shooting a video with Click Click Bamf on the Hail-Fire, this small girl asks to use the Hail-Fire. And thats how I met Ferris, a pretty interesting 16 year old who took charge of the leadership roles amongst my group and eventually most of the human force. Ferris the first and only girl, as well as the youngest person in Camarillo game history to win the MVP award. I decided to interview her and try and get to know her more.

Basic Nerf: Why don’t you tell the readers a little bit about yourself?

Ferris: Ok well, my name is Ferris McIntyre and I am 16 years old. I go to Rio Mesa High School with my twin sister Natalie. I am pretty average girl with hobbies and am someone who likes to just have fun. In my experience HVZ is a great way to do that.

I’m sure you get a lot of “Ferris Bueller” nicknames? I know that was my first nickname for you haha. Ever see the movie?

Hahaha yes I have many times. And I plan on doing my own version of it for my senior year. Including the car.

Haha oh gosh, be sure to bring Phil and Natalie along for the ride.

Hahaha I will do.

So how does it feel to be the first, and so far only, girl to win the Camarillo HvZ MVP fan award? As far as I know, your the only girl to have won it.

It feels amazing. I have always looked up to the MVP in the game and now that it is me I am very excited to go to more games and get even better at it. To help teach myself and anyone else who would like some help in the game. Being the first girl was just the cherry on top.
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A Basic Nerf interview with Camarillo 2012 Summer HvZ Game Organizers (Write Up)

A photo of game organizers Christopher (left) and David (right) role playing for the game.

After I attended Day 3 of the Summer 2011 game, I was instantly hooked on HvZ. If you followed my preparation towards the game then I’m sure you’ve liked the content I posted so far. I’ve had the a great opportunity interview the game organizers for the Camarillo Summer 2012 HvZ game, David and Christopher.

Tell us a little bit about who your are.
David – My name is David. I have also lived in Camarillo my entire life. Chris has been one of my closest friends for as long as I could remember. I think that’s one of the things that makes us such a good team. I just got my Associates in Business and am currently working for a Bachelors at CSUCI. I’m a huge nerd and proud of it!
Christopher – My name is Christopher, I’ve lived In Camarillo my entire life and with the exception of five of those years I have been best friends with my Co-leader David Casas. I am a history major with an emphasis in Religion at CSUCI and I hope to get my Teaching credentials within the next two years. I love singing and playing video games.

Can you tell us a bit on how Camarillo HvZ was started?
– Our friends Mike and John started it in 2008. It was a small but crazy game that laid down the foundation to further games. We didn’t really have boundaries, and me and Chris were one of the last survivors 7 hours into the game. Ever since then, we have had someone from our group of friends host the game while the rest of the group would help mod. We started doing it annually, then went to biannually when people demanded more.
Christopher – HvZ was originally started in Camarillo by one of our good Friends Mike Groom and John Halter. That was back in the winter of 08 I believe and I am proud to say that David and I were able to survive right up until the end of the day….when the five remaining humans got stuck in a bathroom. I don’t think anyone realized back then just how big of an event this would become.

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