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Nerf Zombie Strike Slingfire & 25 Dart Drum Package Deal From Kohls

Product Image from Kohls.com

Kohls has recently put up a web listing for a package deal featuring the Zombie Strike Slingfire and the N-Strike Elite Rampage’s 25 Dart Drum. The drum has had some positive feedback from Nerfers for it’s smaller size, and better feeding then the previous Raider’s 35 darm drum.

Although the combo package is welcome, the price is a bit too high for most people’s preference. $59.99, and it’s “on sale” for $47.99 at the moment. For reference, a Slingfire usually retails for $19.99, and a Rampage for $27.99. Those too things combined are already less then this Kohls package, and you get more from buying them separately.

Kohls members who have a membership cards may be able to get this for a lower price, and the price may lower in the future, so don’t entirely discount this package out.


Product Image from Kohls.com


Sonic Ice Series Rampage Unboxing (Photos)

Please note, Sonic Ice Series Retaliator stock is NOT included with the Rampage.

The new Sonic Ice series Rampage now has unboxing photos to go along with it! Keep reading the post to view the 7 other photos of this new upcoming recolored blaster. Thanks again to the fans at Baidu for sharing this.

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Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage Product Photo

Straight from their Facebook page, Nerf shows off the second blaster, which, along with the Retaliator, has an August release. The Hail-Fire will have a September release.

Drumroll please…. We’re happy to officially reveal this shot of the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage blaster, coming your way this August. Now that you’ve seen the shots of the Retaliator blaster and the Rampage blaster, you know what you’re waiting for, right? THE N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire blaster. Stay tuned.