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Nerfcast Episode 10: How to run a Nerf war feat. Basic Nerf

Josh and Shawn are joined by Jason of Basic Nerf to talk about how to run a Nerf War.

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I recently got together with Josh and Shawn of Bay Area Urban Recreational Nerf (B.U.R.N.) to talk about how to organize and run a Nerf War. The three primary topics we discussed were location, the aspects of rules , and advertising. It was a pretty solid learning experience for me, but at the same time it was fun and I shared my own thoughts and taught them some stuff as well.

You can check out the podcast on Podbean or even iTunes as well if you don’t want to listen via Youtube.

Introducing the newest Affiliate: Sly Dev Store


I’m proud to announce affiliation with an Australian Nerf site who’s been doing his own business thing for a bit. The Sly Dev store sells all sorts of quality Nerf things, from sights, to Jolt attachments, to tactical rail attachments, and more. All from the help of his 3D printer. So from the USA to Australia, we salute you and we are glad to be supporting each other in our future efforts.

PS: Look out for a review from me of some of his accessories in the future!

A Basic Nerf interview with Canberra & Riverina Dart Tag (Write Up)

Hey everyone, I’m back with another interview. This time it’s with my two newest affiliates, Canberra & Riverina Dart Tag. Their the two biggest Nerf groups in Australia, and their creators Neil (of Canberra Dart Tag) and Andrew (of Riverina Dart Tag) took the time to answer some questions. We talked about a variety of topics such as HvZ, N-Strike Elite, Milsim, and the female audience.

Tell us a little bit about who your are and what you guys do personally for the Facebook pages.
Andrew – I’m Andrew Goldstraw (Goldie).
I am the Chief Aministrator and Creator Of the Facebook Page Riverina Dart Tag. I am responsible for the majority of posts on the page (Including Photo’s, Events, links and comments). Though I am not the only one who does this , I also have a team of talented and skilled admins that do a brilliant job.
Neil – Well I work for the Federal Government here in Canberra. Have lived in Canberra for about 5 years. Prior to that I’ve lived in England, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and a few other places. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to say I’m the driving force behind the page and the group. I’ve put a lot of work into both and I’m pretty happy with how it’s all turned out. But it’s not all me – I’ve got a very good group of Admins: Dave Beswick, Chris Wolfe, Brendon ‘Soul’ Smith, Glenn ‘Aloysius’ Fairbairn, Lachlan Horne, Joe Craddy and Carl Hendy. They all bring their own unique set of skills and ideas with them.

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Introducting 2 new Affilates: Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag & Riverina Dart Tag

Canberra & Riverina Dart Tag join Urban Taggers and S.O.F.T. as my other Australian Nerf affiliates. For those who don’t know, Canberra is the capital of Australia. Riverina is to the east of Canberra. Both hold lots of Nerf Wars, Humans vs. Zombies games, and melee games. Their my first facebook affiliates, and their quite popular as well. Be sure to check their page for plenty of photos on their games and Nerf news! Give their pages a “like” and tell them I sent you their way.

Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag Facebook Page
Riverina Dart Tag

S.O.F.T’s Barrel Break IX-2 Review

S.O.F.T. sent me his review of the Barrel Break a like last week, but I’ve only had the time to read through it all. Once again he does a great job going over everything, and it almost feels like I’m reading a battle tested review. Check out the review here!

Adult Fans of Nerf N-Strike Elite Party Photo Coverage

The Hail Fire equipped with hand grip, lookin’ pretty awesome!!

Adult Fans of Nerf was one of the groups invited to the N-Strike Elite Party last night, and they took some photos that are now up on their Facebook album to check out. I’ll also embed them below for those who want to view it here.

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Announcement: Welcome the newest Affiliate, Nerf Revolution


Welcome my 10th affiliate, Nerf Revolution! Nerf Revolution is a site that has it’s own forums for general Nerf talk, announcing of Nerf Wars, and of course theres the mod talk. Their probably the second most popular Nerf forum out there besides Nerf Haven. This kind community often takes time to help their noob members, and theres plenty of great Nerf mods to choose from on their site. I would also say that it’s more active then Nerf Haven.
Check out their site here.