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Target.com puts up Elite Alpha Trooper listing, DCPI Code now viewable

Photo from Target.com

Target.com has updated their old Alpha Trooper CS-18 listing a bit. The photos shown for it are of the new Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12, while the product description still mentions it as the “Alpha Trooper CS-18” and refers to it’s matching 18 dart drum.

The listing says that it’s not being sold in stores yet, but The DCPI code is 087-11-0118. For those who don’t know how that works, it’s quite simple. The DCPI number is Target’s unique number listing for their items. If you can’t find the item on shelves, take the code to Target, find someone with those big hand held scanners, or find someone working the computers in the electronic section. Tell them that you can’t find the item, but you have the DCPI code for it.

Once they input it, it tells them how much they have in stock, what other Targets have it in stock, and how much stock they have in their stores. If they have it in stores, but it’s in the back, you can usually ask someone to pull it out of the back, and you’ll be able to purchase it at the counter.

You can view the whole listing here.

Agros UK catalog reveals N-Strike Elite Alpha Trooper & Dart Tag Stinger (Photos)

Looks like the UK is once again providing us with new Nerf news! In the latest catalog from UK retailer Argos it revealed 2 new blasters. Coming this Spring, an N-Strike favorite, the Alpha Trooper, will get the Elite make over! That SHOULD mean better ranges of course. The Dart Tag line is also getting a new, single shot blaster called the Stinger.

Will the Alpha Trooper still be CS-18? Or will it be CS-12 like in the leaked photos? The photos aren’t too clear on that. One of my UK readers says that it’s CS-12. Stay tuned to http://www.argos.co.uk while they update their site, and it should reveal a little more info on this.

As for the Stinger, I wonder if it’ll get similar ranges to a Triad or Firestrike? I’m hoping it does, because the N-Strike Elite line leaves the Dart Tag line in the dust, at least range wise.

1/20/13 EDIT:
Argos Listing for Dart Tag Stinger/Target board: £12.99
Argos Listing for N-Strike Elite Alpha Trooper: £19.99

Info thanks to UK Nerf!

My Trip to Target Take 3: Nerf Stampede Mission Success (Stampede ECS Picture Update)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The front of the Stampede Box

Yeah thats right missions success! I went to Target yesterday doing my usual “I’m looking for something but I don’t see it on the shelves but I have the number can you look it up for me?” routine. And it worked! I’ve taken some pictures of things like size comparisons and accessory swapping. Also do you want to know what the 18 Dart Clips look like on their tactical vest? Then hit the jump for the rest of the pictures!
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Basic Nerf Alpha Trooper CS-18 Review (Write Up)

Heres the review of the Alpha Trooper CS-18 I promised you guys I would make. After my Saturday Nerf battles and my Sunday spent off recovering, I’m here to impart knowledge to you. After about 5 games of Nerf played, I came out learning more about the gun and myself.

Hit the jump to read more. I talk about it’s abilities, strengths, weakness and the overall uses of the blaster.
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My Trip to Target Take 2: Mission Success (Alpha Trooper Picture Update)

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Take two on this mission and I succeeded! Like the picture shows above I bought two, one for me, and one for a cousin on mine whos birthday was in July. I must say this is quite the handy piece of equipment. It feels like a shotgun, where the Raider felt like an assault rifle when I had it. I’ll have to do range and accuracy checks later, but haven’t ran into any jamming yet. It’s quite light, but it may feel awkward to most at first, just like it did to me. I’ll play a good amount of Nerf on Saturday, and then write up a review on this gun.

Hit the jump for 4 other pictures of the gun and comparisons.

Vigilante Edit: Hit the jump again for Raider/Alpha Trooper part swaps, size comparisons and more.
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Reviews of The Alpha Trooper CS-18 (Video)

Video thanks to coolclip26 of youtube

Video thanks to xXjakejaganXx of youtube

There ya go, the first, and second videos reviewing the Alpha Trooper. The first video has more pictures including a drum comparative of the Trooper and Raider drums, while the second video has more of an in-depth view. Jake said that the Trooper has sling mounts on it, which I did not know and definitely makes this a must must buy for me.

SMH at this though. I go to Target looking to get one for you guys so I can review, and Target doesn’t have them. Then a day later these guys come out with the videos. Also don’t forget that this is a TARGET EXCLUSIVE.