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New Web Listings Online Reveal Sneak Peak of More 2015 Elite & Rebelle Blasters, & Hasbro Loses Upcoming Rebelle Blaster

Thanks to the USA blog Buffdaddy Nerf and his research, we’re now aware of upcoming Elite and Rebelle blasters! And while we don’t have photos for many of them, we do have names and web listings, including possible price points. And what’s this about Nerf/Hasbro losing an upcoming Rebelle blaster? What sort of blaster is shown above? Check out the rest of the post for all that.

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The Upcoming N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire, the Most Expensive Blaster To Be Released By Nerf. Press Release Info & Firing Video Here

The box art for the upcoming Rhino-Fire

Early last week, Amazon Spain put up a listing for the N-Strike Elite Rhino. In the listing, we got details as to what the blaster was and what it will come with. And now, I have a press release info to share with you all!

(Ages 8 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $99.99/Available: Fall 14)
Dominate the competition with the biggest, baddest NERF blaster yet! The N-STRIKE ELITE RHINO-FIRE blaster is the first fully automatic NERF blaster featuring rapid-fire, double barrel blasting, an amazing 50 dart capacity and two N-STRIKE ELITE dart drums, turning ordinary battles into extraordinary ones. The epic RHINO-FIRE blaster sends darts soaring impressive ELITE distances of up to 90 feet, and features both a front handle for mobility and tripod to ensure awesome accuracy. Includes 50 N-STRIKE ELITE darts. Six “D” batteries required, not included. Available exclusively at Walmart.

And most recently, a firing test of the blaster at an unknown event has surfaced. I downloaded it and reuploaded it to Youtube in case it was taken off Instagram.

As we can see from the video above, it’s a flywheel blaster. The barrels seem to fire one after the other. The user’s thumb in the video seems to be on a switch or module of some sort. Maybe we can control which barrel fires the darts?

While the Rhino-Fire is certainly a spiritual successor to the Vulcan EBF-25, the $99.99 (or $100) price point will make this a very expensive blaster to buy. The need for 6 D batteries increases the cost even more. This will be the most expensive blaster Nerf has released for retail when it hits stores. Previously, it was the Stampede ECS released for $49.99.

I’ll be sure and report if other countries will be selling this as well. Do you plan on getting one yourself? Is this price justified?

Low Resolution Images below are from the Amazon Spain listing.




Fall 2014 Nerf Blasters Starting to Appear In Stores & Online, You Can Buy Some Now!

Thanks to many online, I was made aware that Nerf’s big 4 Fall 2014 blasters are now being sold on Amazon for their suggested retail prices. You can buy all of them right, except the CAM ECS-12 blaster. Amazon lists it coming out August 15. Singapore Nerfers can check the rest of this post for a bit of good news as well!

Elite Demolisher 2-In-1 $39.99 via Amazon
Zombie Strike Slingfire $24.99 via Amazon
Mega Thunderbow $39.99 via Amazon
Elite CAM ECS-12 $79.99 via Amazon

I ordered myself a Demolisher and Slingfire, so look out for my coverage on that in the future.

June 26, 2014 EDIT: Slingfire is currently sold out on Amazon. I’ll try and keep you all updated if/when comes back in stock.

June 27, 2014 EDIT: 7 Slingfires are back in stock on Amazon. Be sure and grab one quick if you wanted to get one.
EDIT 2: At least they were. Their sold out again.

In the next bit of news, Toys R Us stores across the USA are starting to release the Fall 2014 blasters. You can see most, if not all, of them in the photo I took above of my local Toys R Us. I got myself a Messenger blaster, you can view the unboxing below.


And last but not least, the Demolisher is now being sold in Singapore! There are unboxing videos and photos of it, but I’ll save that for another post. You Singapore Nerfers be sure to enjoy this blaster.

Nerf Rebelle Spylight Already Released? Plus Spylight & Messenger Box Art & Promo Photos on Amazon Canada

A product image of the Nerf Rebelle Spylight, photo thanks to Amazon.

Today’s bit of news is brought to you by Foam From Above and Amazon. Thanks to Vas and some Instagram searching, it appears that the Rebelle Spylight has been already possibly released. Remember that this blaster, as well as other Nerf blasters, are supposed to be released in Fall 2014.


The user “marqueetom” apparently managed to get his hands on the blaster. He hasn’t answered how or where he’s gotten it though. Looking through his photos it appears he’s in Southern California, so if that’s the case I should take a look around and see if I can find one myself.

The other bit of small news is that thanks to Amazon Canada, we have some box art photos, as well as more promo photos and product descriptions of the Rebelle Spylight and Rebelle Messenger Blasters. You can not buy them yet, but those have prices for the Canadian Dollar for you Canadian Nerfers. You can check those out below if your interested.
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New Zombie Strike Z-Bat Spotted Online & In Target

Photo thanks to Reddit

Thanks to the Nerf Sub-Reddit, we now have the heads up on a new Nerf item, the Z-Bat made by Perpetual Play Group. It’s being sold on Amazon by a 3rd party seller for $34.99. However, thanks to theNerfJoker and his video below, he revealed in the comments that he got his at a Target in the USA for $14.99 plus tax. You can see his overview of it below.

There still aren’t too many details on it that are known, such as durability and how solid it is. However it is about the length of the Zombie strike Machete.

Nerf Zombie Strike Line Coming to the UK in 2014, Amazon UK Already Selling Some Items


Thanks to the fan site Nerf UK, and Hasbro UK additionally for the graphic above, UK Fans get a confirmation that the Zombie Strike Line will be reaching their shores in January 2014!

However, Amazon UK has already put up items from the line to purchase! You can view what they have for sale so far here. The Hammer Shot, Sledge Fire, Crossfire Bow, and 30 Pack of Zombie Strike darts can be purchased from Amazon.

Basic Nerf N-Strike Elite Ammo Box Unboxing & Review

Unboxing the N-Strike Elite Ammo Box

I finally got an Elite Ammo Box off Amazon and decided to review it for you all. My video unboxing of it can be found above, while my full video review of it and it’s features can be found below. I’ll try to have a write up review of this item in the future.

My Full Video Review of the Elite Ammo Box

0:00 – 3:05 – Filling up the box with 100, 200, and 300 Darts to see how many it can hold.
3:06 – 6:22 – Small stress test and trying to find weak points.
6:23 – 7:25 – Overview and Final Words about the box.

Elite Suction Darts, Zombiestrike Target Set, White Rough Cut Web Listings Make Them Available For Sale


Amazon.com has put up a weblisting for the Zombie Strike Target Set. Also in the news, the White Rough Cut 2×4 is being sold on the Canada Toys R Us website, and Amazon has put up the Elite Suction Darts for SALE! For more info on these stories, check out the rest of the post.
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Amazon listing for Nerf Mega Series Magnus blaster Updated with Box Art Photo


I’ve been trying to keep tabs on this blaster in hopes for new information coming out sooner then later. The Amazon.com listing for the Mega Series Magnus has been updated to include a new box art photo (which is pictured above), as well as a product shot of the item. The description is still the same as before, although it’s nice to have more photos of this blaster online.

The second added photo of the blaster from the Amazon listing.

Amazon puts up Deal Listing for New Elite Ammo Box & 100 Darts


Amazon.com has recently put up a listing for the NEW Elite Ammo box, which also comes with 100 Darts & two 6 Dart Elite ammo mags. The normal listing price is $39.99 USD, but at the moment it’s being sold for $35.58 USD, and the deal includes free shipping! The production description mentions that it can hold up to 300 darts. The description also doesn’t mention that it comes with the two Elite 6 dart ammo mags, but one of the product photos shows it. Also previous buyers from other parts of the world have said that it does indeed include the 2 six dart mags.

Ammo Box holds up to 300 Elite Darts
Elite Darts work with all N-Strike Elite blasters and most original N-Strike blasters
Comes with 100 Elite Darts

Load up for big-time battles with this huge-capacity Ammo Box. It comes with 100 Elite Darts for your arsenal, but it can hold up to 200 more. Get the Ammo Box and be the best-armed battler in the field.


If you don’t have a decent dart storage option, I would suggest getting this via online, or if you see it in stores. If your a casual Nerfer, then you might not even have 300 darts. Look at your Nerf lifestyle, and make your purchases accordingly.