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NEW Elite Havoc Vulcan Argos UK Weblisting Appears

A photo for the New Elite Havoc Vulcan

In a strange and surprising news appearance, Argos UK has put up a listing for an “Elite Vulcan”. More info, a product description, and my speculations can be found below.

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New Rebelle Powerbelle blaster appears on Argos UK Site


Argos UK recently put up a listing for the Rebelle Guardian Crossbow, but that listing also included the above blaster. If you’ve been a Nerf fan for a few years, you’ll recognize it as a repaint of the Dart Tag Speedwarm from 2011. The blaster also comes with a small sling, small dart pouch, and ten darts according to the bottom photo.


A bit thing though is that on the box art, it claims the blaster is getting up to 75 feet, which is Elite ranges. If this is true, it must have some sort of internal changes. Time will tell if America will get this blaster.

Info thanks to MLD.

N-Strike Elite Alpha Trooper hitting the UK late April or early May?


Above is one of the newest comments from my Elite Alpha Trooper news video. If you go to their site, it says that it’s out of stock, and there isn’t any options available for local store pick up or home delivered.

You can check the Argos website listing here. If you have problems viewing, you may need to clear your browser’s cookies.

MyLastDart also mentioned that he’s having issues with getting his Elite Alpha Trooper, citing a “distribution issue” as the reason. Hopefully we all get this upcoming blaster sooner then later!