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Blastersmiths UK & BlasterTECH Partner Up For Australian, Asian, & Pacific Distribution

In a recent press release from Blastersmiths UK, they’ve announced that they’ll be teaming up with BlasterTECH in Australia to help distribute the Blastersmiths UK products and items easier and quicker to Australian, Asian, and Pacific Nerfers! Blastersmiths UK is known for their popular items such as the MKIV Drop Leg Holster and their Custom Fabric Nerf Mag Holders.

Check the press release below for more in-depth info. You can expect to start ordering from BlasterTECH November 1st.

Bristol, United Kingdom & Brisbane, Australia

Blastersmiths UK and BlasterTECH today announced a working partnership that they hope
will be benecial to both companies. BlasterTECH is an emergent wiring loom and electrical
modication company based in Brisbane, Australia. They have recently started selling wiring
looms through their website, BlasterTECH.com.au with the aim of lowering the threshold to
entry for the average Nerf modder. Blastersmiths UK already sells an array of un-soldered kits
and 3D printed parts so a trading partnership seemed like the natural step forward for the two

The two companies first encountered one another through BritNerf.co.uk, the UK’s primary
Nerf forum. Mike, from Blastersmiths UK, and Dean, from BlasterTECH, got chatting around
electrical modication and the potential of selling modied blasters. Regrettably, the regulatory
environments in both the EU and Australia prevent the sale of fully modied blasters on their
own at the commercial level but kits and pre-soldered looms can be sold in the EU and Australia
respectively. BlasterTECH moved forwards with their wiring looms and accepted the oer of
distributor in order to resell 3D printed components and some tactical gear in order to fund
future development.

Australian customers can purchase BlasterTECH wiring looms direct from their website
(www.blastertech.com.au) with immediate effect and from the 1st November 2014 will be able
to access a wider array of Blastersmiths UK products without the risks of international shipping
or the wait that comes with lead times for custom made goods. All Blastersmiths UK products
listed on BlasterTECH.com.au will be available in stock for immediate dispatch in accordance
with BlasterTECH shipping policies.

Looking to the future, the two companies are looking to work closely on further developing kits
and looms for the full range of electronic foam dart blasters, including Nerf’s Elite Demolisher
2-in-1. There is a great deal of untapped potential in the many electronic blasters out there
and the two companies are looking forward to tapping that and bringing new products to the
foam dart blaster marketplace.

Contact Details:
Primary Contact – Mike Harratt, Managing Director, Blastersmiths UK – mike@blastersmiths.co.uk
– for all press enquiries and contacts


Australia Gets Prices & Release Months for Fall 2014 Nerf Blasters

321253 Nerf Demolisher 1[2]

The Elite Demolisher 2-1, Zombie Strike Slingfire, Mega Thunderbow, and Rebelle Agent Bow all get official prices and targeted release month for Australia. I know a good amount of my readers and Nerf fans in general are there, so I figured I would share the information with you. Info thanks to Prop Weapon Scoop.

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A Goodbye to the Southern Brisbane Nerf Club Blog


Yesterday, a fairly new, but high quality Nerf blog Southern Brisbane Nerf Club had to shut itself down and stop posting due to reasons unknown to us. He’s also no longer going to be using his Facebook page or Youtube channel either.

Rob is 32 years of age with a son and a family, and according to his goodbye post he’s got more important things to tend to that need his time. However in his 6 months of blogging he broke a lot of Nerf News and we around the internet thank him for that. I wish you the best of luck in life with both Nerf and non Nerf related things Rob.

Do You Miss Urban Taggers? Don’t Expect A Comeback.

Urban Tagger’s site banner

As most of the Nerf Internet Community knows, Pocket of Urban Taggers decided to stop posting on his blog and announced it to the world on July 25, 2013. If you look at the comments of that post, many people compare this happening to a nightmare that they’ll wake up from. But a recent development doesn’t seem to support a comeback happening in the future and may crush many’s dream of it happening even more.
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White Elite Rough Cut Explained, while possible New Red/Orange Elite Stryfe Spotted

The newly spotted “Red” Stryfe, alongside the other recently leaked White Rough Cut.

Recently, a possible new Red Stryfe has been spotted on Baidu. The quality of the photo isn’t the best though, and many are questioning the possible color of this leaked photo. The photo seems to give off a Red/Pink color scheme, but again the photo is on the grainy side. I’m personally thinking that the Stryfe could be an orange color, and that the concentrated amount of it, as well as the low light, is giving the camera a deceiving look. The orange on the White Elite Rough Cut is looking like Red/Pink as well in some areas. This is the main reason as to why I think this newly seen Stryfe is an Orange color.

In isolated, rotated look at the Red/Orange Stryfe.

A collection of White Rough Cuts

It also seems like we’ve gotten a bit of official confirmation from Hasbro Australia that the White Rough Cut will be a Target exclusive in Australia. It will “most likely” be a Target USA Exclusive as well.

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Popular Australian Nerf blog Urban Taggers to Stop Posting, Nerf Internet Community Reacts

A photoshopped image from Pocket of the Boyz II Men music video “End Of The Road”.

A bit of shock these past few days in the Nerf Internet Community as Pocket, the owner of the popular Australian Nerf blog Urban Taggers, has decided to stop posting. The reasons why are unclear and unknown, but never the less I wish him the best in his life outside of Urban Taggers. He’s done a huge amount for the online Nerf community since his start in June 2010. He’s isn’t dead, but his departure will at the very least leave a big hole for all the Australian Nerfers out there. His thoughts and opinions on things like Rebelle line marketing or old Super Soakers, his views and opinions are something I’ll personally miss.

Pocket answers the question of “What now?” from what looks like his last post on Urban Taggers.

SO what happens now? There’s no reason to “remove” the blog, I just won’t really be updating it anymore. (I probably will still admin the comments but that might take a bit of time) I still love the gear and I still use social media a LOT so I’ll probably still keep the Facebook page going too if any of you wanna still say hey. There are plenty of good sources of info out there for this sorta thing, so no doubt you’ll be in good hands.

Thank you so much for reading. This really was an amazing experience and I’m chuffed to think I could have been a part of this awesome toy blaster world.

“we don’t stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.”

Pocket also left a bit of an extended response to all the comments left on the post in the comment section of said post.

Wow. Your comments all have been amazing and I so appreciate all the kind words said- it’s both incredible and humbling as I guess I honestly didn’t think it’d be that much of a big deal.

There are plenty of readily available info out there now from probably more blogs than ever so you’re in good hands wherever you choose to read. I’ve always read many and referenced many blogs over the years and I encourage you all to do the same. No need to dispute who’s better than the other or bag any out as that’s just unnecessary and actually pretty rude. I respected everyone who made the move to create and maintain a blog regularly because to be honest it’s hard work! Please do the same.

I’ve also always been pretty free with the comments as I don’t believe in censorship and you’re free to speak your mind but some of the comments I’ve had to reject have been pretty nasty and kinda show you..don’t have a mind!!:P Again, no need for that, at least on here.

Thank you again everyone. It’s been great.

Below, I’ve complied other Nerf blogs & sites responses to this.

EDIT: Updated with thoughts from RandomShadow09, Bay Area Nerf, Tek Recon & Laser Gnomes.

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Mega Centurion to be Released in Australia in October (News)

Small side note, can we get some official/new images released by Nerf so that I can stop using certain unoffical ones?

So apparently Australia is getting the Mega Centurion in October 2013. Crispy of SOFT did some digging recently, and posted his results.

(Crispy) So after checking with Hasbro AU for current Longshot numbers in Australia, they replied with this.

Hi Michael,

Unfortunately, Hasbro Australia no longer distributes this particular product.

The new range of Nerf Elite will have a comparable blaster; “The Centurian”, this will be available at retail stores in October 2013.

So, there is out Australian release date for our version of the Centurian. Get Excited.

It seems like his contact misspelled Centurion, but other then that the land down under has a release month now. Thanks to my affiliated site SOFT for breaking this news!