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White Elite Rough Cut Explained, while possible New Red/Orange Elite Stryfe Spotted

The newly spotted “Red” Stryfe, alongside the other recently leaked White Rough Cut.

Recently, a possible new Red Stryfe has been spotted on Baidu. The quality of the photo isn’t the best though, and many are questioning the possible color of this leaked photo. The photo seems to give off a Red/Pink color scheme, but again the photo is on the grainy side. I’m personally thinking that the Stryfe could be an orange color, and that the concentrated amount of it, as well as the low light, is giving the camera a deceiving look. The orange on the White Elite Rough Cut is looking like Red/Pink as well in some areas. This is the main reason as to why I think this newly seen Stryfe is an Orange color.

In isolated, rotated look at the Red/Orange Stryfe.

A collection of White Rough Cuts

It also seems like we’ve gotten a bit of official confirmation from Hasbro Australia that the White Rough Cut will be a Target exclusive in Australia. It will “most likely” be a Target USA Exclusive as well.

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A New Nerf Attachment: The Mission App Tactical Rail Mount (Photos)

Apparently their using the Rapidstrike to help show off the accessory on the box.

It looks like Nerf is embracing the digital age bit by bit, and the this Mission App Rail Mount that’s been pictured on the back of the Centurion box art is apparently going to be on sale sooner then later it seems. A Baidu user, that Google translated to “Dian ruthless powerful”, got his hands on this new product recently, and took a few photos for all to see.




Photo of an iPhone in the mount.

It’s hard to read the thread where the photos came from, but apparently the item’s isn’t for sale yet. Also mentions that the Android version won’t be supported for a couple of months. How he got it is unclear, because Google Translate can only do so much. Judging by the area in the photos he’s in, I’m going to guess that he’s in some sort of Toy Fair or Toy Event.

Baidu Dart Tag Stinger Photo

66443_491101940932289_1260712617_n (1)

A new photo found on Baidu by Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag. This thing still looks like a funky blaster to me. And are those two dart holders at the top? I can’t really tell in the photo.

Also I sent an email to my PR contacts asking about this blaster and the Elite Alpha Trooper, but I probably won’t get a response until after MLK day.