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Buzz Bee puts up new blaster, the Tek 5 on their site (Photos)


Buzz Bee toys updated their website today with a new product called the Tek 5. I haven’t seen this in stores yet, or heard much about it, but man with the release of the Strongarm recently, Buzz Bee and their blasters are looking more obsolete then ever. You can check the original listing here.

Blasts darts up to 30 feet!
Flip out 5 chamber rotating barrel to load darts into
Auto indexing barrel
Includes 5 foam darts
Ages 5 and up
Item 40300



The New/Old Buzz Bee Tek 6 Pack (Photo)


I’ve seen this in Walmart for the past couple of weeks, and I thought it was an interesting combo pack. The one on the left is the old design, and the one on the right is the new design. I know it’s not ground breaking news, but the Tek 6 used to be my favorite blaster at one point. And I also have a review on it here. Pricing was $9.99 on this combo pack.


The Buzz Bee/Airzone Panther (Photos)


Well heres my late pass, please excuse me. I finally managed to drag myself over to a Toys R Us and get the Airzone version of the Panther. In case you didn’t know, Airzone is a Toys R Us brand, in which they contracted Buzz Bee to construct blasters for them, thats probably why Buzz Bee and Airzone Toys look similar. It’s only $5 USD at Toys R Us as well.


The back of the box claims up to 45 feet, and there are several instances of people backing up that claim. It only takes 4 or 5 pumps to get this thing ready to fire. It looks a bit bland, but still a bit better then the Buzz Bee counterpart. Expect an initial reaction, firing test, and range test video sooner then later.



Walmart Exclusive Buzzbee Overlord Colors (Photo)


A reader of mine sent the above photo to me. He does a lot of store searching and said that Walmart is the only place that he’s seen a gray Overlord in. Guess thats a Walmart exclusive then. Thanks to SkyNerf for the heads up. Original photo of mine below for comparison.

August 1, 2012 Southern California Target Nerf Inventory Check (Photos)

The new Buzz Bee Overlord. Retailing for $29.99.

I’ve been too busy these past weeks to check the stock at local department stores, but I had time today to check out Target. I can now say Southern California is stocked. Hit the jump for photos of new Buzz Bee products and more photos!

The back of the package

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Nerfhaven user gets a Buzzbee Range Master

Overview video by MrPzowned

Apparently he got his new, in box at a Goodwill for $2. He also says that it gets the advertised out of the box ranges of 60 feet, and with the air restrictor removed it gets around 75 feet. He also says that it’s an air blaster, not a plunger styled blaster.

View original Nerfhaven post here.