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Armageddon XV (15), The Biggest West Coast NIC War, Is Scheduled for June 21, 2014

Music Video Recap for Armageddon 14 (2013)

In case my Southern California readers weren’t aware of this, the biggest (or arguably biggest) Nerf War on the NIC Modding Community is coming up this Saturday, June 21 2014. This has been a long time tradition (we’re on number 15 now!) with usually someone SCUN related hosting them.

This year it’s a bit special, we have Langley (one of the Nerf Haven Forum Creators) flying in from New Jersey to host and play! We also have people coming in from the Arizone, Utah, and San Francisco areas.

In case your not familiar with what the NIC is, it stands for Nerf Internet Community. While the internet has connected and help popularize “mainstream Nerfing” (Nerf with clip/mag fed blasters, Nerf blasters being modded and used for Wars) the term NIC within the NIC usually stands for blasters exhibiting higher power. Blasters and darts are often homemade. What rate of fire and ammo capacity is a little behind most Elite blasters, they make up for in range and accuracy.

I’ve been playing Nerf for about 5 years now, but I’ve never been to an Armageddon event. This year, I plan on changing that! I want to get better as a player, an event organizer, and experience a little different side of Nerf. Feel free to come and play Nerf, say hi to me and other Nerfers, and generally have a good time. I’ll be the guy wearing a panda hat and something panda related. 32 different people have marked themselves down as going on the Nerf Haven Forum topic, and some people are even bringing or inviting more.

To check out rules and what you need to bring, and see who’s marked themselves down as going, look at the rest on the post below or read here.

You can view the weather forecast for that day right here.

For a few videos of past events, check out SCUN’s Youtube channel.

Keep an eye out on my blog and Youtube channel for my loadout video and what I plan on bringing to the event.
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Camarillo Humans vs. Zombies Winter 2012 – Game 1 Missions (Video)

Game 1, Part 1/3 – Harassed By Zombies

This isn’t a recap post, but I’ve finally uploaded some video from the Camarillo Humans vs. Zombies Winter 2012 games. This is Day 1/Game 1 missions. I won’t spoil anything, but I will say that I find watching these videos very enjoyable. If you haven’t heard of Camarillo Humans vs. Zombies, check out the video and see how we play our day long HvZ games!

The Camarillo HvZ is a biannual event usually held once in the summer and once in the winter. The game is a modified version of HvZ, as it is not played on a college campus but rather in Mission Oaks park. It is the biggest open Nerf related event in Southern California. This Day 1/Game 1 had 81 people signed up to play game the first game day, which was the second largest game in Camarillo History at the time. 87 people signed up to play during the second game on the 23rd, which makes it the largest Camarillo HvZ game in history.

Game 1, Part 2/3 – Humans On The Run

Game 1, Part 3/3 – A Push For Victory

Help California Airsoft & Nerf Players stop SB1315

Posted on the Nerf Facebook. A very similar bill was passed around last summer as well, called SB798. What this new bill and the bill last summer are basically saying is that the government would control the manufacturing of Airsoft in California. Also, imitation guns (aka Airsoft guns) would have to be painted bright colors.

This bill is based off an incident that occurred (can’t find a link at the moment) a couple of years ago. Cops were in a dark environment and some teens were acting shady. The cops tried to talk to them, but they ran off. One teen made a move towards his Airsoft gun, and the cop had to make a judgement call. The cop shot first, and it was later revealed that the teen only had an Airsoft gun. The bill is being passed to help protect officers in the field, but heres reasons why the bill isn’t too good.

– The above incident could have been avoided if the teens had just listened to the cops.
– Painting Airsoft guns the color of, say a toy gun, would make Airsoft less popular. Airsoft is what is used the most for military sims, and it’s most popular in Southern California.
– The bad guys could just paint their guns the color of the toy guns, and they would still be lethal.
– Federal controlled manufacturing would make lots of people lose their jobs.

NERF friends. Pay heed. This could affect those in California. Most people are upset that it will affect Airsoft. But if you read it, it covers TOY GUNS. Nerf could be covered by this bill. If you dont believe me read SB1315. Due to the clever all encompassing legalize, it lists TOY GUNS. Which could cover NERF.

SB1315 has passed the California Assembly and is now on the governor’s desk. There are only 8 more days for Governor Brown to sign the bill and pass it into law. WE HAVE NO TIME TO LOSE this could be signed anytime between now and the 24th SO DON’T WASTE A MOMENT AND CONTACT THE GOVERNOR NOW!
Please contact the California state governor and oppose to SB1315 today! Help us help you save Airsoft!

Have as many people as you know in CA call the governor’s office at (916) 445-284
1 (press 1 for English, then press 6 for a representative) and say: My name is _______, I am calling about SB1315 and I oppose it.

Also have them go to the governor’s website at: http://gov.ca.gov/m_contact.php and fill in his/her name, email, choose SB1315 from the drop-down menu and press “submit”. This will take you to another page where you will select “CON” and write a message to the governor.

You can see the whole bill here.
Bullet points and basics here.

Camarillo Humans vs. Zombies 2012 (Southern California, July 20)

How many HvZ events do you see or hear about in Southern California? Not much I bet. I went to last years event, and had a big blast. Check out my photo, video, and text recap here. They also had a Winter game last December, but I did not attend that. Camarillo is about an Hour and a Halfs drive from the LA Area, but the day long game is HIGHLY worth going to. In addition to the rare game of HvZ you can participate in, theres also the chance to meet new people and have fun. Heres their Facebook event description.

Camarillo Humans vs. Zombies is back for the summer! This years event will be run by none other than David Casas and Christopher Nichols. The game will take place on july 20th and will feature a host of new game types and missions along with some interesting features designed to keep the game interesting even from the start, and no it does not involve super zombies. As we get closer to the date of the game we will be revealing a few changes that have been made in order to get you pumped up for this years event. As usual the event will take place at Mission oaks Park and the surrounding area, and we will have an official map of the playing field available for you by june. There will be no fee this year however we do ask that you consider making a donation to help cover any costs that are associated with running the game. You can donate any amount you feel willing to and any money collected over the cost of running the event will be donated to the “Make a Wish” foundation. This foundation is dedicated to making the wishes of children with crippling or incurable diseases come true and they are an incredible organization. So if you are able we do ask that you please consider donating.

WIth that said i wish you all good luck and keep fighting those zombies. We will see you on the battlefield!

Leaders of the Resistance.

I know July 20, 2012 is about 3 months away, but check out the event Facebook page! At the very least, keep it in mind as July comes closer. I’m not 100 percent sure I can go at this point, but if I do go, I plan on bringing a few friends.

LSU Humans vs Zombies Episode 1: The arrangements for the arrangements (Basic Nerf Write Up)

It’s almost 4 AM PST right now as I’m writing this, and I’m feeling kind of dead, tired.

I’ll be keeping my school name a secret until the game is officially accepted. The initials are LSU though. This weekend, after watching some HvZ video and hearing about an open invitational, I wanted to play, but couldn’t. The West coast has a serious lack of HvZ games. So I decided that I would try to start one on my campus. The secretary set up an appointment with me and the head of student activities Wednesday, wish me luck! I need to make a good presentation then. After that I set out to talk to almost everyone I knew about Humans vs. Zombies, at least the ones who I thought were interested. I don’t want to go through the effort and then not have that many people show. One of my friends told me that our school has 2200 students, and if only 5% came (110 people) to play in all our missions I would be extremely happy. I met a couple of new people in the process, and I got a total of 51 people that said they were interested or who said they would play. Heres some notable quotes and general thoughts from the day.

“No, I’m not into Nerf, but thats like something I can get into.”

“Hell yeah, that would be sick if we had that around campus.”

“No, I don’t know what Humans vs. Zombies is, but that sounds sick already.”

“My friends play that in Washington State.”

“Have I heard of it? Is it a pc game?”

“Have I heard of it, in regards to what?”

“That sounds sick man.”

“I would do it, it sounds like a lot of fun.”

“I’ll look it up, thanks for the info.”

“If enough people play, I would be interested in it.”

“I’m actually into zombie stuff myself.”

Our Nerf Church Arena (Video)

My church where my friends and I play Nerf at sometimes. The first video is showing the inside, and the second shows the outside. You get Urban Combat style games here if you expand into the whole church or play outside. We haven’t combined both areas too much, but when we do, it’s a whole lot of fun. I’ll be sure to post up a couple of our early games sometime in the future.

A Chance to meet Basic Nerf!

So if your in Southern California theres a Nerf War this Saturday in Huntington Beach. If your in the Southern California area, I recommend you visit and play! I’ll be there, so you can meet me if you would like to. Even if you don’t mod blasters the people there are willing to lend them to you to play.

If you can’t go though, I’m planning on recording videos from my phone and uploading them, similar to a VLog. I’ll also try to get video footage from other members. At the very least I’m interviewing the event organizers about Nerf modding and Nerf Wars. That will help inform the “Basic” members and myself as well. Leave a comment if you plan to go!