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Basic Nerf’s Indoor/Outdoor Church War Videos (6/23/13)

Indoor/Outdoor Nerf War TDM – RushRushRush (Game 1) (Stryfe Masterkey Gameplay)
Game 1 from this play session. I tried some new things like a Hit Point counter and player hit indicators so that you can hopefully follow along more easier. Please leave a comment telling me what you think about these things!

I’m back to uploading Nerf War videos folks. If your familiar with my videos, you’ll see this is the same church that I’ve played in before. But it’s a little different from my previous games/videos because in these, for the first time ever, I’ve opened up some of the doors. This allows for another dimension to the game, since there’s both inside and outside.

This was my last session of games in which the Stryfe Masterkey was my main primary blaster, so look out for plenty of Rapidstrike gameplay in the future. Also, this was the day after I had received my Mega Centurion blaster sample, so look out for a bit of gameplay with it in the videos below.

Indoor/Outdoor Nerf War TDM – Covering Our Corner (Game 2) (Stryfe Masterkey Gameplay)
Game 2 from this play session. I tried some new things like a Hit Point counter and player hit indicators so that you can hopefully follow along more easier. Please leave a comment telling me what you think about these things!

Head down below to see 5 more different gameplay videos.
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8 New Things We Learned From PSYKSG’s Mega Series Magnus Unboxing Video

PSYK priming back the new Mega Series Magnus

Yesterday, Singapore Modder PSYK released an unboxing video of the upcoming Mega Series Magnus. We learned some new things like how to load the blaster, and got confirmation on its internal magazine/clip. But digging around a bit more on the comments of the video and internet let me learn even more new things in addition to what the video provided. So here’s 8 New Things We Learned From PSYKSG’s Mega Series Magnus Unboxing Video. This post is going to feature a good amount of speculations, and perhaps a bit of exciting news or two.

November 3, 2013 6:40 PST Edit – I’ve received a bit of clarification for the photos and blaster used in Point number 8. You can check that for an update. I also received a possible answer to where PSYK got his Magnus from, and edited that info into Point 2 of the post.

EDIT #2: PSYK elaborated with me a little bit more on how he came across his Magnus blaster. That’s been edited into Point #3.
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A Closer Look at the Mega Centurion (Photos)


The day after I received the Centurion in the mail, I was off playing in a Nerf War, and then later in that week I headed off to New York City to attend the yearly Summer Party. I almost forgot that I had these external shots of the Centurion to show to you all. I also take a few shots of the Mega Clip, and compare sizes of the new Mega Dart, Old Mega Dart, and an Elite Dart.

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Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 goes up for Amazon Pre-Order, Could this be The Big 9/9/2013 Release?

The USA Box Art for the Rapidstrike CS-18

Thanks to a couple of my blog readers, and even a Twitter follower, for making me aware of this. Amazon.com today put up a pre-order and listing page for the upcoming Rapidstrike CS-18. A couple of “Amazon Vine” users (an Amazon program that allows you access to some products early, in exchange for a review) have already put up a few reviews of the blaster on the page. Product description below,

The Rapidstrike CS-18 blaster holds 18 Elite Darts
Acceleration Trigger powers up the motor for rapid firing
Fires Elite darts up to 75 feet
Clip holds 12 darts and is see-through for instant firepower checks
Elite Darts work with any N-Strike Elite blaster and most original N-Strike blasters (sold separately)

What ticks me off a bit is the release date for the blaster. September 1st, which is still Fall 2013, is when Amazon starts to ship out the blaster. I was hoping to somehow get this a bit earlier in anticipation for my Summer’s Humans vs. Zombies game. There’s a small chance I’ll get it in time for the game anyways though.

Now Hasbro/Nerf haven’t marketed any special, big, 9/9 blaster for release this year. That probably has something to do with all the product their releasing this year. From the Centurion, Rapidstrike, Revonix, to the Rebelle line, Vortex repaints, and maybe coming this year Zombiestrike line, it might not be the smartest thing to market one particular line or blaster for a special date when your other lines need some marketing attention as well.

For the past 4 years (starting back in 2009), Nerf has released special, big blasters (or in one year, the Vortex line) that have either changed the game, or been good products in themselves. Leaked Rapidstrike photos and videos have been well received by the NIC and HvZ community. With us somewhat conditioned to be on the look out for a big release in September each year, could they be using that to their advantage to help market and sell the Rapidstrike? Nerf again has a lot of scheduled Fall products coming out, so it makes sense that their trying to space out product releases. The Mega Centurion is scheduled on Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Kmart to come out August 1.

All Nerf fans can do at the moment is keep their eyes open to the net for scheduled release dates, pre-order if they want, and count the days until product comes out. At the very least, I can say that the Rapidstrike is going to be a GREAT blaster for both modders and non-modders alike.

Target DCPI codes appear for some upcoming Fall Nerf releases, Mega Centurion now listed on Target Website


As you can see from the above photos, thanks to RandomShadow09, he’s discovered DCPI codes for the upcoming Mega Centurion, Mega Dart Refill (10 Pack), Rapidstrike CS-18, Vortex Revonix360, and the Blazin’ Bow. In case you couldn’t see the above image codes clearly, their also listed below. This should mean that these products are coming to Target stores soon! Fall 2013 is when these products are officially supposed to come out, but once again stores receive them a bit earlier then their targeted release dates in order to stock and inventory them properly.

MEGA Centurion – $49.99: 087-11-0337
MEGA Dart Refill – $6.99: 087-11-0339
RapidStrike CS-18 – $39.99: 087-11-0338
Vortex Revonix 360 – $39.99: 087-11-0336
Blazin’ Bow – $19.99: 087-11-0340

And the Mega Centurion is now listed on the Target.com site. It’s not for sale yet, but it’s DCPI code is the same as the one listed above.

Nerf Mega Centurion now available for Pre-Order on Hasbrotoystore.com & Amazon


Listings for the upcoming Mega Series Centurion have appeared for preorder on Amazon and Hasbrotoyshop.com. On both sites it costs $49.99, with a release date of August 1, right around the Fall 2013 projected release frames. Here’s the product description from the Hasbro site.

Launch a long-range assault with this incredible high-caliber Centurion blaster! This N-Strike Elite blaster features bigger darts that are engineered to fire farther than ever. Attach the bipod stand for even more accuracy and load up the MEGA Clip with your MEGA Whistler Darts. They scream as they fly! With a range of 100 feet and 6 MEGA darts, you can push the boundaries of your marksmanship. Amp up your targeting cred with the Centurion blaster!

Blaster comes with 6 MEGA darts, MEGA Dart clip, removable bipod stand and instructions. Ages 8 and up. Nerf and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

A listing for Mega Dart refills also appeared on Amazon recently. It also ships August 1st. $8.99 will get you 10 Mega Darts.


Glad to see that we’re getting the option to buy more Mega Darts off the bat. I would also like to see the same from the Mega Clip though. Also check out the writing on the dart package, additional Mega Series blasters coming out Spring 2014!

Small Basic Nerf Media Recap of the Nerf Mega 2013 Party

Hey guys, just in case you haven’t been following my Facebook page, Twitter, or Youtube channel, here’s the media I uploaded through the night of the Nerf Mega 2013 Party.

Arriving in New Jersey, going to take the trip to New York for the party.

Meeting Mr. S in his room really quick.

Walking to the event.

Waiting in line for people to get checked into the party.

Video version of the above photo.

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At the #NerfMega party! Go #teamblue!

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When you got into the party, you were assigned to a team. Everytime someone from the team played in a game, your team got a point. The team with the most points at the end of the event got a Mega Centurion for free. I was wearing blue in anticipation for the Rapidstrike, And the blue team ended up winning!

I got a photo with some of the College Humor cast!

Vas from From From Above overview on the Elite Rapidstrike.

Dang, just look at all the Mega Darts on the floor.

A view of the Revonix 360 area. This are was the most crowded all night.

Well that’s all the photos and videos that I have up at the moment everyone. I should be able to upload more photos and videos as the weekend comes to an end. Until then, Happy Nerfing!