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Basic Nerf’s 2014 Nerf War Loadout (MOLLE Version)

It’s been awhile since I did a loadout videos for everyone, so here’s my updated Nerf War loadout for the start of 2014! It’s gone through about 4 or 5 small revisions with this Chest Rig, and what you see is my latest version of it so far. If you want to buy these items, or want to learn a little bit more about them, check the links below.

Video Review/Write Up Review on the Lancer Tactical Modular Chest Rig

Purchase link for the Chest Rig:

Tactical Crusader Sling:

Condor Dual & Triple AK Mag Pouches:

Condor Horizontal Utility Pouch:

Condor Gen II Battle Belt:

Condor Roll-Up Utility Pouch:

Condor Belt Mounted Magazine Recovery Pouch:

White Stripped Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 thanks to Tactical Tag!


Lancer Tactical Modular Chest Rig (RRV) Write Up Review & Video

Hey Basic Nerf readers, today is a little bit of a different review then usual. I’ll be doing a gear review on an Airsoft item that I’ve been using in my loadout for the past 7 months. Its called the Lancer Tactical Modular Chest Rig. In this review I’ll go over what the rig comes with, goes over a bit of my experiences with it in the 7 months that I’ve used it to far, and debate on whether or not the rig is worth $60. The Lancer Tactical Modular Chest Rig retails for around $60 USD, and comes with an Admin Pouch, a triple rifle magazine pouch, two general purpose pouches, and a hydration carrier.

Feel free to watch the video version of my review if your more a visual person, and less of a reader.

Airsoft or real steel people, if your here from the internet, feel free to read the review. You might learn a thing or two about the rig.
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A 10 Month Basic Nerf Review on the Condor 7 Pocket Chest Rig

The Condor 7 Pocket Chest rig has served me well for a little over ten months. I picked it up in June 2012, and used it until around April 2013. I’ve reviewed it and talked a lot about it’s pros, but this 10 month review focuses more on it’s cons and smaller details. Click here to view my original review on this Chest Rig.

I also decided to try and supplement my commentary with video that I took out on the field. Click the time stamps for those featured clips.


Check the rest of the post for two Camarillo HvZ loadout videos I did featuring this chest rig, as well as a direction of where to buy this rig.
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The Basic Nerf Condor 7 Pocket Chest Rig Review (Video)

The Condor 7 Pocket Chest rig was originally made for Airsoft usage, but in my review I show how one can easily use it for Nerf. I’ll also go over it’s features and finally give it a rating.

September 1, 2013 EDIT: – Click here to see my 10 Month Usage Review on the rig.