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Nerf Youtuber Coop772 To No Longer Take Commissions


Yesterday, Nerf Youtber Coop772 took to Facebook to announce his closing of commissions.

Commissions are closed for good. I’ve said this many times in the past, but I think it’s for srs(serious) this time. I’ve come to the conclusion that working on other people’s modifications that aren’t innovative or truly unique is pulling from my innovation within the hobby. My recent goal of trying to output cooler, faster, more unique pieces is more difficult when taking commissions for blasters with “normal” modifications that I’ve done dozens of times. I will still be selling blasters on my webstore, but they will be whatever modifications and paint I feel like adding at that time, rather than things specified by a customer.

I realize this won’t make sense to a lot of people, but I feel it’s the best way to keep this hobby fun for myself and to only output awesome mods that I’m truly proud of, rather than the normal internals with a normal paint job that I could do blindfolded. I’m trying to challenge myself and do new stuff, hopefully something useful or enjoyable will come out of it for you guys, the viewers.

Webstore link: http://www.freewebstore.org/coop772

While commissions can be a good way to make money, it can be draining on your mental and physical as well. At the end of this statement, Coopy says he’s “trying to challenge myself and do new stuff”. So it looks like he’s aiming for the long run enjoyment in Nerf.


Update: Popular Youtuber Modder Coop772 Returns to Nerf


UPDATE: Coop772 has indeed returned to the Nerf hobby! He recently uploaded a video, embedded below.

While we still don’t know ALL of the reasons as to why he he left, he confirms that the speculations of him getting a bit “burned out” were on the true side. Whatever the case may be, it’s good to have him coming back into the hobby.

Coop’s new Facebook page cover photo shown above.

In case you don’t remember, popular Nerf modder Coop772 decided to quit Nerf and Youtube back in January. However last night, he updated his Facebook page profile picture and cover photo with new photos, featuring a new logo.

He also linked a video to the Kings of Leon song “Coming Back Again” today. Specifically to the one minute, forty nine second mark, in which the song says “back again
I got a feeling coming back again”. You can view that song below.

In addition to that, his site has also been updated with the song and cover photo.

While there hasn’t been any OFFICIAL word on his return, things are looking good for a return of his. Stay tuned to Basic Nerf for more information as it gets revealed.

Popular Nerf Youtuber Coop772 Decides To Retire From Nerf, But Why?

Rapidstrike CS-18 blasters painted and modified by Coop772

This morning, Nerf Youtuber Coop772 took to Facebook and Youtube to announce that he is retiring from Nerf.

Currently standing at 37,544 subscribers, and having been uploading videos on Youtube since June 25, 2009, a time span of almost almost 5 years. Before his retirement and final sales videos, he had a mod/commission video up and more mod/commission videos uploaded a few days before that one. So with some recent back round, the question everyone is asking at the moment is, why did Coop772 decide to quit?
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Coop772’s Nerf Chat – What Is The Future of Blasters?

In this Nerf Chat, Xellah (of Nerf Haven) and I discuss where we think Nerf blasters can go from here. The Rapidstrike is the pinnacle of Nerf production (so far) and we’re curious to see how Hasbro will top it in the future.

It a very interesting chat, Coop772 and Xellah talk about how good the Stryfe and Rapidstrike are for stock Nerf games, and also discuss things like ammo limitations, rate of fire, attachments, modifying, stefans (aka homemade darts), and many other things related to those topics. It’s a nice chat, but their questions raised a few more questions, and even they weren’t able to solve them themselves.