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The Quest Nerf Arena in Action (Video)

Quest recently posted this video of their new arena in play. It was a big event, they even got their mayor to come and help open for the event. torukmakto4 on Reddit posted some interesting thoughts on the video though.

Look, I don’t really want to be that negative poster so I am really conflicted to say this, but…
Why does every commercialization of nerf have to be so… lame?
This is like some 1990s stereotype of nerf. Fluorescent orange and yellow arena in super ultra close quarters, with WAY too many people on the field at once, no conceivable way of playing an organized game or calling hits (note kid with darts on his jersey still in play), darts going about 20 feet, outdated underperforming gear. Some totally incompetent shooting and facepalm worthy play there. And kids, SO many kids. Everyone having a free for all shooting darts wildly and randomly at near point blank… I think I will pass.
Yeah, I have a major “Get off my lawn!” streak. I admit it, but I think this is just the wrong way to run a nerf event and isn’t helping us be any more legitimate as a hobby.

I’m a bit too busy at the moment to take some serious time out and comment on that, but I will say that most Nerf games I play in are not like the video shown above.

Elite Barrel Break IX-2 & Dart Tag Snapfire 8 spotted on Toys R Us Website

Box Art of the Elite Barrel Break IX-2

Thanks to My Last Dart for the heads up on this new bit of Nerf info. It looks like the latest blaster to get the Elite treatment recolor is the Barrel Break. Following in the similar trend with the “N-Strike Elite Jolt” this is probably just a re-color of the blaster, with no performance gain. It still has the N-Strike name on the box, and the same N-Strike logo. The Toys R Us price is $24.99 though, and while it’s not out yet, the Toys R Us site puts the pre-order delivery date at 02/22/2013 (February 22, 2013). Product features are below.

The Barrel Break IX-2 is a double-barrel blaster!
Fire one Elite dart at a time or unleash both barrels at once!
Break-open barrel!
Includes 10 Elite Darts.
Elite Darts work with any N-Strike Elite blaster (sold separately).

It’s a bit disappointing that they won’t be bringing back the Dart Holder that came with the original Barrel Break. I’d rather just get a Rough Cut to be honest. Click here to view the Toys R Us listing for the Barrel Break IX-2.


Check below for the Toys R Us listing and pre-order shipping date of the long awaited Dart Tag Snapfire 8.
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Elite Alpha Trooper to be Target Exclusive, Dart Tag Stingers TRU Exclusive, no plans to bring Elite Pinpoint Sight to USA Yet

Photo thanks to the Argos.uk site

As soon as the Argos catalog revealed the Elite Alpha Trooper and Dart Tag Stinger, I immediately hit my public relations contact to get any more info about the upcoming products.

The Dart Tag line in the US is exclusive to Toys R Us now. The products they carry and when they’re on shelves will vary by location, so check your local stores to find out what they are carrying. The Elite Alpha Trooper blaster will be a Target exclusive, which like all things will also vary by location and region.

The Elite Pinpoint Sight was a promotion in the Malaysian markets and there aren’t yet plans to bring it here.

In addition to the above info, I also asked if the Elite Stockade and Dart Tag Snapfire 8 were still coming to the USA, but my contact hasn’t been able to give me more info on those things. I’m glad we’re able to get some more solid confirmation about the Elite Alpha Trooper, I’m sure it’ll sell just as well as the first one. Still no news on a release date, or even a rough release date, but I’ll keep asking about that.

Feb. 1, 2013 EDIT: I’ve gotten word that the Elite Alpha Trooper should be getting released in the USA in the Spring. Maybe it’ll be close to the UK’s release date of March 1?

Hopefully the Nerf folks take another look at the Elite Pinpoint sight and the USA market, because again I believe that it’ll sell well.

Dart Tag Stinger & Dart Tag Duel Sets spotted in USA (Photos)

Nerf2me2 managed to find two new Nerf products in his Toys R Us in Arizona. One is the Stinger, a Dart Tag blaster that was previewed in the Agros UK magazine. The whole product is going under the name “Dart Tag Target Tag”. It was being sold for $19.99.

“Dart Tag Target Tag”

Package Includes:
Dart Tag Stinger Blaster (Blue)
Training Target
5 Dart Tag Darts

he Stinger is pretty much a more streamlined and more comfortable Jolt. It uses the exact same design with just a little more plastic shell so that you can hold the extra 2 darts up top. Straight out of the box it seems like its using a little higher powered spring but wont know for sure till I can do some testing.

The Darts are now Y coded and seem to be made kinda of cheap. They are the same dart just a little different color tip and different codes. It could just be me but thats what they seem to me.

As for the Target, not much to talk about. It has a Fold Out Stand on the back or you can hang it on a wall. Not all the Used Darts like to stick, but it works.

UK Nerf has more photos of this blaster, but essentially it’s a glorified Jolt.


However he also discovered a new product not mentioned anywhere before, called the Dart Tag “Dart Duel”. It was being sold for $29.99.


Package Includes:
2 Dart Tag Stinger Blasters (Red & Green)
2 Sets of Vision Gear
2 Training Jerseys
6 Dart Tag Darts (3 Red 3 Green)

Stingers are the Exact Same as Above however they come in an awesome Red and Green Color!

Darts are again Y coded and seamed even cheaper than the ones above. They are Red and Green tips which is kinda of cool but just dont seem to be up to par when it comes to how they are made.

The Vision Gear (Glasses) Are the same as they all ways have however, they have green and red lenses.

The Jerseys again, are nothing but a cheap material that the darts stick to. Nothing to exciting.


Photo of all 3 different colored Stingers

Baidu Dart Tag Stinger Photo

66443_491101940932289_1260712617_n (1)

A new photo found on Baidu by Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag. This thing still looks like a funky blaster to me. And are those two dart holders at the top? I can’t really tell in the photo.

Also I sent an email to my PR contacts asking about this blaster and the Elite Alpha Trooper, but I probably won’t get a response until after MLK day.

Agros UK catalog reveals N-Strike Elite Alpha Trooper & Dart Tag Stinger (Photos)

Looks like the UK is once again providing us with new Nerf news! In the latest catalog from UK retailer Argos it revealed 2 new blasters. Coming this Spring, an N-Strike favorite, the Alpha Trooper, will get the Elite make over! That SHOULD mean better ranges of course. The Dart Tag line is also getting a new, single shot blaster called the Stinger.

Will the Alpha Trooper still be CS-18? Or will it be CS-12 like in the leaked photos? The photos aren’t too clear on that. One of my UK readers says that it’s CS-12. Stay tuned to http://www.argos.co.uk while they update their site, and it should reveal a little more info on this.

As for the Stinger, I wonder if it’ll get similar ranges to a Triad or Firestrike? I’m hoping it does, because the N-Strike Elite line leaves the Dart Tag line in the dust, at least range wise.

1/20/13 EDIT:
Argos Listing for Dart Tag Stinger/Target board: £12.99
Argos Listing for N-Strike Elite Alpha Trooper: £19.99

Info thanks to UK Nerf!

Nerf Dart Tag to Come Back Big in 2013? (Rumor)

I literally don’t have any sources or sites to confirm this. My source was of the type of “he said she said” type of the deal. However the person I talked to managed to get this rumor through seemingly solid circumstances in the situations they described. Nerf Dart Tag is coming back in a, I would say big way. There will also be some new, but familiar aspects to it.

The source I also talked to said that we would be getting 4 new blasters for this line, which I also have solid descriptions of. However, please just remember that this is all just a rumor for now. If this comes true, this will be a sort of reference post, and perhaps I’ll be able to reveal more information on this IF it is indeed true or even teased.
For now, look out for the London Toy Fair Feb 22-24! Perhaps we’ll get some new Nerf info then.