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Announcing & Reviewing the New Dorm Labs Angled Foregrip

Today, I’m proud to help announce the New Dorm Labs Angled Foregrip! Dorm Labs is a USA based company that prints and sells 3D, fan made Nerf accessories. My usage of it in games and events that I’ve been to the past year has been able to help them refine this grip.

Most people’s idea of a grip if a vertical, up and down attachment of some sort. But some people, myself included, have found that holding the vertical grip at an angle (instead of up and down) is more comfortable. To take advantage of this natural body chemistry for people, firearms companies have made grips that attach at an angle. The grip attaches with two tabs, while four screws are used to secure & clamp them down here the Nerf tactical rails. Due to it’s size, the grip will only work on the Rapidstrike, Retaliator barrel, or Longstrike barrel.

A few others around the world have made their own versions, this is the first opportunity for USA players to access this style of grip. The grip is available for purchase for $14.99 on their site. However, with the exclusive coupon code “basicnerf”, you’ll get 20% off the total cost of the grip! Click here to view and buy it on the Dorm Labs site.

To read my full review, and to see the video review version of the grip, please check out the rest of the post below.

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Dorm Labs Nerf Tactical Foregrip – Game Tested Review (Write Up & Video)

The video version of the review, with game footage

In my latest review, I’ll be reviewing and sharing my game experiences on the Dorm Labs Tactical Foregrip. I go over it’s uses in games, it’s build quality, my experiences using it, and whether or not it’s worth your money.

Dorm Labs is a fan group 3D printing accessories for Nerf blasters. First off, I want to say thank you to Dorm Labs for sending me a sample of the Grip to test out and review. Without them, this review would not be possible. I first heard of Dorm Labs in late December of 2013/ January of 2014. Their a bit of a new company. Keep reading to view the rest of the review!
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A Tricked Out Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Thanks to a Few Friendly Nerf Sites (Video)

This is a sort of shoutout video thanking the people and their sites who made my latest Nerf War primary and product reviews possible.

White Stripped Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 thanks to Mike at Tactical Tag. I won his giveaway for his White Strip Painted Elite Rapidstrike CS-18.

The Sights are thanks to SlyDev. It’s their front and back sight, and I hope to have a review of those items in the future.

The Vertical Grip was thanks to Dorm Labs. It’s retractable, so you can use it as a grip, or put it back up when it’s not in use.

I also end the video by seeing if can shut the blaster down running it at 16.8v (4 Trustfires) and going through 3 18 dart mags.

Dorm Labs Facebook Contest for Free Custom Made Nerf Tactical Foregrip


Dorm Labs is a sort of a new company, with not tooo much featured or news on the major Nerf blogs about them. They appeared online in June 2013, starting with GoPro attachments. Since then, they’ve added to their catalog with sights, optics, slings, pouches, foregrips, shirts, and even a tactical vest!

One of the best parts about their site so far, is the VERY reasonable prices for their items. I’ve also seen a few points online complimenting their product quality, and haven’t seen anything negative posted about them online so far. A friend of mine has their blaster holster and GoPro Rail Mount, and I can say that those products at the very least are well constructed.

For more details on how to enter their contest for a FREE Tactical Foregrip, make sure you have a Facebook account. Then, check below for the rest of the instructions.

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