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New Sonic Ice Series Rampage spotted as Toys R Us Exclusive in Hong Kong, Retaliator & Hail-Fire to Follow

Photo thanks to Hong Kong Nerf Fan Page

There were a couple of leaked accessories that were posted online in the past month or so, but one of the new “Sonic Ice” series blasters has recently been spotted in Hong Kong. The caption, (when translated through Google Translate) says that it’s a Toys R Us exclusive. If you want one right now, you can buy one of Taobao. What’s also interesting about the listing is that one of the images is of the back of the box, which shows the Retaliator and Hail-Fire as two more upcoming Sonic Ice series blasters.


I’ll try to have more info, and possibly a release date on this VERY soon.


N-Strke Elite Hail-Fire with 4 Extra Clips spotted at Walmart (Photo)


Spotted this at a Walmart not to far away from me. It’s that N-Strke Elite Hail-Fire deal people spotted online a couple of months back, for now it’s a Walmart exclusive for only $33.88. This seems like a fair deal to me. You can probably go to your Walmart to buy yourself one, or buy it online.

10/20/12 – A Night of Nerf (Photos & Video)

From left to right, Basic Nerf, Coop of Click Click Bamf, and the head organizers of the Norwalk Nerf League.

October 20, 2012 was a Saturday Night. I planned this indoor Nerf War for my friends, one of which would be leaving back to his home country of Australia in early November. We usually play in a park, but before he left we decided to spice it up a bit.I invited Coop from Click Click Bamf to come by for a bit, but he had to leave early. A couple of weeks before the event the head organizers of the Norwalk Nerf League contacted me. I ended up invited them and we had a total of 14 people play here. I got some testing in with the yet-to-be-released Nerf Dart Tag Snapfire 8s, my modded Stampede, and more Hail-Fire gameplay!


Game 1, Team Deathmatch, Snapfire 8 Rushing

Keep reading for more Nerf war footage and photos!
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9/15/12 Basic Nerf GoPro Nerf Wars (Video)

3 Man Vortex Pyragon Free for All! (Indoor Church Nerf War)

All my videos from this dates Nerf session. I used the Pyragon, Hail-Fire, and of course my trusty Rayven!

Game 1 – Pyragons vs Rayven (Siege the Fortress)

Game 2 – Comfortable Camping (And the longest Siege the Fortress game ever)

Game 3 – Hail-Fire (stock voltage) ends games quickly (Siege the Fortress)

Game 4 – Hail-Fire (12.6v) Offensive Shooting (Siege the Fortress)

BONUS VIDEO: Cockroach vs. a Modded Nerf Blaster

3 Man Vortex Pyragon Free for All Bonus Footage (Getting my Sneak on)