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Toys R Us Nerf Rebelle Exclusive – Golden Edge Bow


Toys R Us has put up an online listing for an exclusive new Rebelle item, the Golden Edge Bow. It’s a recolor of the Heartbreaker “Phoenix and Vine bows. The online listing also claims that it comes with 5 unique Golden Edge darts.

My initial thought is that this item is pretty dang bright on the eyes, but I’m glad that their giving everyone more color options for people to buy. More options is almost always nice. Product description and another image below.

You’re the guardian angel when you take aim with the Nerf Rebelle Golden Edge Bow! Load your rapid-firing crossbow and watch the golden wings on its bow arms flex as it fires darts up to 75 feet. Just pull the string back to flex your angelic wings. When the green indicator shows, release the string to launch your Golden Edge dart at the included target with pose and power! Keep track of your darts in the removable dart storage accessory. You’ll get fast-flying dart action and quick, bold blasting with the Golden Edge bow!

Includes Golden Edge bow, 5 Golden Edge darts, dart storage accessory, target and instructions.


Original Toys R Us online listing.

Thanks to MyLastDart for the heads up.

Target Website puts up Nerf Rebelle Item Listings, DPCI Codes

The box art for the Rebelle Vision Gear

Heads up to shoppers at Target, they recently put up web listings for 8 upcoming Nerf Rebelle products. They’ve all been revealed by Nerf outlets and fan sites before, but it’s nice to see some new box art and product shots of some of the lesser known things, such as the Rebelle Vision Gear above.

Some of these items also have product descriptions (Sweet Revenge Kit, Dart Diva Bag, Dart Refill Pack, Pink Crush, Power Pair Pack) they all start off with “Who says’s you can’t…”. I find that pretty interesting.

A product shot of the Rebelle Dart Diva Bag

Now none of these items are actually out in Targets yet. Some of the listings say that the product will be out in 2-4 weeks, so I guess that’s when we should be seeing them stores. You can view the listings, and DPCI numbers, below.

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Nerf Rebelle & Mega Series Official Product Images, Descirptions appear online

Nerf Rebelle Power Pair Box Neder-Nerf
Pictured above is the Nef Rebelle Power Pair Pox, containing the “Sneak Attackers”.

A Netherlands Nerf blog going by Neder-Nerf recently got some press released info on the upcoming Rebelle line and Mega Centurion Refill back! MyLastDart came through with official market descriptions as well.

Nerf Rebelle Power Pair Neder-Nerf

(HASBRO/Ages 8 & up/Approx. Retail Price $12.99/Available: Fall 13)

Equip your best friend with a blaster and team up to take on any secret mission together with this NERF REBELLE Two Pack! This pair of mini blasters packs high-performance power beneath its pink and purple exterior, with enough blasting power to fire darts up to 60 feet! Each super stealth blaster features its own unique deco, and is small enough to stash in a pocket or purse. Stylish spies will love that these blasters have room for double-dart storage, so back-up is never too far away. Includes four collectible darts. Available at most major retailers nationwide and on HasbroToyShop.com.

Nerf Rebelle Crossbow Box Neder-Nerf

Nerf Rebelle Crossbow Neder-Nerf

Official Sales Description:
(HASBRO/Ages 8 & up/Approx. Retail Price $24.99/Available: Fall 13)

An impressive crossbow with fast-flying dart action and flexing bow arms, this NERF REBELLE Crossbow blends blaster action with crossbow precision. Slide the front handle to flex the bow arms back and ready the blaster for play. Pull the trigger and watch the bow arms propel forward as darts soar up to 75 feet toward the target. By holding the trigger and pumping, players can instantly transition between single shot and multi shot mode, unleashing a rapid stream of darts for exciting nonstop action! Includes six collectible NERF REBELLE darts. Available at most major retailers nationwide and on HasbroToyShop.com.

Keep reading the post to see images and product descriptions on the Rebelle Pink Crush, Heartbreaker Bow, 12 Dart Refill Pack, and the Mega Series Mega Dart 10 dart refill pack.

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Official product descriptions for Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Bow & Mission Central App


Hasbro delivers major girl power this fall with the launch of the NERF REBELLE brand. Combining active play with social interaction, the global lifestyle brand provides girls with a new play experience. Inspired by current pop culture trends and based on insight from real girls, the NERF REBELLE brand is designed to empower players with confidence, high performance action, and a stylish edge. From sleek and powerful crossbows to trend setting accessories and a digitally enhanced world of app play, the impressive NERF REBELLE lineup delivers the ultimate in social active play and gaming adventure, encouraging players to work together, complete missions, and share the fun with friends. Hasbro will expand the NERF REBELLE offering later this year as the brand enters new categories including apparel and accessories. It’s time to Step Up and Stand Out.

New products for Fall 2013 include:

(HASBRO/Ages 8 & up/Approx. Retail Price $19.99/Available: Fall 13)
The ultimate adventure accessory, the NERF REBELLE HEARTBREAKER bow features “true” bow action and powerful dart performance! Inspired by current pop culture trends, the HEARTBREAKER bow offers girls the poise and precision to take on any mission. To activate the bow, simply load a dart in the front and take aim. Then, pull back on the bow string handle and release to send darts soaring across the sky up to 75 feet, allowing for shot that shows off your skill with aim and attitude. Ready for action, the bow features an accessory rail which provides for five-dart storage for easy access to ammo and allows girls to customize their blaster with fun add-ons, like the NERF REBELLE Mission Central App Cradle (sold separately). The NERF REBELLE HEARTBREAKER bow comes with five collectible darts, Available at most major retailers nationwide and on HasbroToyShop.com.

(HASBRO/Ages 8 & up/Approx. Retail Price $14.99/Available: Fall 13)
Girls can grab a group of friends and experience the ultimate social adventure together in an App-enhanced world of the NERF REBELLE brand! To start the fun, fans can download the free NERF REBELLE MISSION CENTRAL App to their iPhone or iPod Touch, and insert the device into the stylish NERF REBELLE MISSION CENTRAL App cradle accessory. Attach the accessory to a compatible NERF REBELLE blaster (sold separately) and then it’s time to bring friends together for some serious fun! Within the app, players can create a personalized avatar and form squads with friends for multi-player gaming. NERF REBELLE players can capture photos and videos while in play, and even share the fun with friends. Players can also go on quests, compete to win in-game benefits, and even earn accessories for their avatar within the app. The NERF REBELLE MISSION CENTRAL app will be available for download at the App Store and compatible with the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPod Touch (4th Generation). Compatible with select NERF REBELLE blasters. Available at most major retailers nationwide and HasbroToyShop.com.

I thought I would make this a separate post from the Toy Fair post in order to flesh out the Rebelle info a bit more. As for the Mission Central App, I believe it’s supposed to be free, and the price is referring to the cradle package accessory.

Hasbro introduces the Nerf Rebelle line for girls, starts with Heartbreaker bow in Fall 2013

Photo of the Heartbreaker bow thanks to Entertainment Weekly, coming Fall 2013

Wow, Entertainment Weekly has broken the story off a big piece of news. Nerf is launching a line aimed at girls, and what they want. You can view the original article here, but I’ve also copied and pasted for archive purposes and a quick read. My Last Dart is also sitting in on a conference and has some exclusive news as well. I’ll be sure to gather it all in a post and post it here, along with my thoughts, once the conference is over and I gather everything.

What do you think about this new line aimed for the female audience?

Hasbro is hoping to hit a bullseye with its next high-profile launch — a new brand of Nerf toys aimed specifically at girls. The line, called Nerf Rebelle, will feature projectiles that have the same power as the top items in the brand’s Nerf Elite line — but come wrapped in a prettier package and designed to encourage the collaborative play Hasbro has found girls prefer. Aspiring Princess Meridas and Katniss Everdeens can own the first Rebelle product — called the Heartbreaker bow — this fall.

Rebelle immediately brings to mind Lego Friends, a new line of female-driven products that helped to increase Lego’s profits by 36 percent last year — even as critics accused the toy company of promoting gender stereotypes. But John Frascotti, Global Chief Marketing Officer of Hasbro, says that his corporation isn’t worried that Rebelle pigeonholes girls or reinforces the ideology of separate spheres.

“I think if anything, we went into this without any stereotypes and instead talked to young girls, found out what they wanted, and then designed a line of products that addressed that opportunity,” he told EW in an interview, saying that Hasbro did research for over three years while creating the line.

What girls wanted, he said, was Nerf toys that boast both high performance and a design made especially for them. “Just to be clear, we could have taken some of our Nerf blasters and just made them pink and put them in pink packages — but that’s not what we did,” Frascotti explained. Trying to encourage girls to buy existing Nerf toys or easing up the gendered overtones of those products was never really on the table: “This is an entirely ground-up effort.”

Thanks to all that research, Rebelle differs from other Nerf lines in several key ways. The Heartbreaker bow comes with collectable darts bearing different colors and designs; there’s a Rebelle app that allows girls to play collaboratively and encourages teamwork; the bow’s size and ergonomics have been tweaked so that girls as young as 6 can activate it easily.

The product’s main philosophy, though, is in line with that of the Nerf toys that came before it. “Nothing is really addressing this big opportunity for girls to be active and play,” Frascotti said. “Parents are concerned about the amount of time kids are spending in sedentary activities, in front of a screen of some sort.” By contrast, Rebelle promotes exercise and socialization in a way that will hopefully appeal to girls who have no interest in sports as well as budding athletes.

But what about that name, “Heartbreaker” — which seems to inject an element of romance that wouldn’t be there if the bow were designed for boys, or even made to be gender neutral? “I think sometimes maybe adults are more concerned with these things than girls are,” Frascotti said. “I think the girls we tested it with just thought it was a cool name.”