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The Basic Nerf Elite Masterkey Battle Tested Video Review (w/Game Footage)

I’ll be having a write up review of this blaster coming in a few days as well, but for now here’s a video review on the Elite Masterkey I created. I must say, it’s quite the good blaster, and has quickly become my favorite. I’ve even included some clips from some mini HvZ games I’ve played in the review to show you how effective it is. Keep your eyes tuned to my Youtube channel and blog for gameplay in Nerf Wars and mini Humans vs. Zombies games with me using this as a primary.

The Basic Nerf 2012 Nerf War/HvZ/Melee Battle Recap Video

Well it took me a couple of months, but I finally finished my recap video! This video is made up of almost 100 percent Nerf War videos shot with a GoPro Hero2. The clips were recorded from June until December. In this video you’ll see Stampede, Rampage, Rayven, Pyragon, Snapfire 8, Hail-Fire, Alpha Trooper, Retaliator, and many more blasters being used by myself and others. You’ll also see head shots, dodging, rushing, diving, a couple of melee attacks, and a couple of funny moments. I would love to tell you more, but I feel like I’ve spoiled the video enough. Please let me know what you think of it!

Napa Valley College Humans vs. Zombies Blaster Ban coming into effect

Photo thanks to Nappa Valley Registry

This was shared on my Facebook page recently. It seems that once again another school’s HvZ has gotten reduced, and not just in quality, but play area size as well. Here’s a portion of the article that I quoted.

College officials argue, however, that the sight of students running with blasters through campus has raised concerns among some students and faculty. In the wake of recent school shootings across the U.S., gun violence has become an increasingly sensitive issue, said Benjamin Quesada, student life coordinator at Napa Valley College.

This semester, officials are requiring players not to use foam dart blasters, and to keep the game restricted to smaller, separate areas of campus.

Instead of dart blasters, players may use rolled-up socks or little cloth bags of bird seed, which are similar to bean bags, Quesada said. The areas of play will be limited to sections of campus that are farther away from classrooms and will be coned off and have signs indicating that a game is in progress, he said.

I asked what we as a Nerf & HvZ community could do to help, and all that was requested was that we share this news link with others and keeping spreading the word on the struggle.

View all the article here.

View the Nappy Valley College HvZ Facebook page here.

HvZ Athens Fall 2012 Invitational Music Video Recap

A pretty sweet music video recap set to the song “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons.

Check out HvZathens.com for more info! They also have a Facebook page. And click here for their Spring game event page. The Spring game will run from April 2 to 9.

WWU Humans vs. Zombies Building Clear, Winter 2012 (Video)

Building Clear 2013: First Team of the Night

WWU’s 3rd HvZ Building Clear, Winter 2013. This is the forth group of survivors to attempt to clear the inside of the Cerulean BioTechnologies bunker…

FYI: There is a ton of swearing :P

I believe the WWU stands for Western Washington University. Their Humans vs. Zombies Winter 2012 game was located in doors. Winter in Washington can be a bit harsh, so they hosted it in doors away from the elements. They sent teams through in a role playing sort of fashion game. The moderators and organizers did a REALLY good job setting this all up. You can tell that they worked hard on this. I’m not going to spoil anything except to say that I like the “First Team” video vs. the Forth Team’s video. Be sure to leave them comments letting them know what you think!

Building Clear 2013: Forth Team to Go Through