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Kmart Puts Up New N-Strike Elite Version of the Zombie Strike Sidestrike


Another day, another recolor am I right?

Kmart’s site has put up a listing of an Elite Version Sidestrike. In case you needed a reminder, the Sidestrike first originated as a Zombie Strike blaster. This Kmart exclusive, 2 Pack version retails for $24.99 on the side, comes with 12 Elite Darts, and lacks the holster that normally comes with the Zombie Strike version of the blaster.

I like how one one blaster is the old Elite color scheme, and the other is the new Elite color scheme though. Probably worth passing on it, unless your a newer player who wants to pick up a simpler blaster for yourself and another.

Product image from the Kmart site.

Thanks to my reader Ricky for sharing and linking me to this listing.


Elite Strongarm 2-Pack spotted as Walmart Exclusive


While out and about scouting for new products and deal, I found this Strongarm 2-Pack at Walmart for $19.88. This pack comes with the 2 Strongarm blasters, and 12 darts to accompany them. According to the label on the box, it’s a Walmart exclusive. It seems like a quick, easy, and cheap way for two people to have Nerf fun. Also with this box deal, the Strongarms are worth about $10 each, vs. the $13 the usually sell for in stores separately.


Introducing the new Sales & Deals Page


Let’s be real, who doesn’t like sales and deals, especially when it comes to your favorite hobby? I’m looking online and in stores for them quite a bit, so I figured why not share the information with my readers? Since I live in the USA, the information will be based on USA store sales. I’ll keep you updated mostly on 4 major stores, Kmart, Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart. I’ll also be including Amazon sales for a total of 5 places. Other store listings will be included if they are nationwide or at the very least on a big scale. Special deals such as buy one, get one will be included here as well. I plan on updating this page least once a week. Stay tuned to my Twitter page and Facebook page for updates on the sales.

Items must be on sale below the normal suggested retail price for them to make it on this page. So for example if Toys R Us has the Retaliator being sold for $49.99, and it’s being marked down on “sale” for $39.99, I’m not going to post that “sale”. The suggested and normal retail price for that blaster is $26.99, and most stores have them for around that price.

If readers want to contact me with sales they see in there stores/country/state/, I’ll be happy to post them on this page. I’ll be sure to give them credit for sharing it. But please have the sale match the criteria mentioned above.

You can view the Sales & Deals page right here, or simply look up at the top and find the new page right under the “Home” link. The page is under construction right now, but Target and Kmart sales are up. I suggest you check out Kmart, they seem to be having a “buy one N-Strike item, get the other free” advertisement up. I personally plan on taking advantage of that.

USA Walmart, Kmart & Toys R Us Pre-Black Friday Sales Magazines revealed, Nerf items among them

Walmart, Nov 4-22, page 26
Kmart, no dates, page 8
Toys R Us, OCt 29-Nov 21, page 60-61

I’m in a bit of rush this morning so I can’t post details on stuff, but I will tell you to check out Walmart and Kmart at the very least for some nicely discounted prices. Toys R Us also has a price matching policy of some sort thats mentioned at the top of their add, so check that out as well.

The Nerf LED Flashlight, $14.99 at Kmart


Found out about this on The Adult Fans of Nerf forum. But Shining Foam’s post made me remember it again. It looks like one of those licensed accessories, which features the Nerf name, but isn’t made by Hasbro. I haven’t seen these in Kmart myself yet, but then again it’s been a couple of months since I’ve stepped into one. It features a rubberized design and tactical rail capability. Depending on how strong this is, I’m considering picking one up for my night time Nerf games.

But it at Kmart.com

Have any of you readers seen this in stores? Maybe you picked on up already? Leave a comment and tell us how it is!