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New Nerf Zombie Strike Longshot Spotted Online! Looks to be Target Exclusive

The Box art for the upcoming Zombie Strike Longshot

A bit of crazy news has hit the internet very recently! Thanks to a member of my Nerf Facebook group named Ricky, and the UK/German sites S Myth Toys and IE Toys (same retailer) we have a first look at the upcoming Zombie Strike Longshot blaster! Product description can be found below. It will come with 12 darts, a 12 dart mag, and what looks to be the usual scope it came with back when it was released back around 2006/2007.

If you would rather listen to the details instead of reading them, you can watch/listen to my video below.

The zombie threat is growing bigger every day, and you need a bigger blaster to keep up! The Longshot CS-12 blaster holds 12 Zombie Strike Darts and has a long-range targeting scope so you can aim with precision to take the zombies out. Load up fast with the Quick Reload clip, press the trigger and sweep the field in the battle against the zombies with the Longshot CS-12 blaster!

How looking at the blaster images and box art, there appear to be a few changes with the blaster. First, neither the box nor the description make any range claims. I’m hoping we can at least get this blaster firing Elite Ranges. I would expect Nerf to updated the internals of this blaster since Elite Ranges are the new standard. Also the bipod seems to have been removed from the front. I’m personally digging the dark turquoise colors as well.

Also as you can see from the image below, it looks like it will be a Target Exclusive when it hits the states, and is possibly other parts of the world. While people might think that it’s make, the amount of work needed to edit/doctor the image would be a big on the hard side. Also the original art of the guy on the box makes helps make me think that this is indeed real.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated as more news of this blaster is revealed!



toys.ie link
smythtoys link


Successful Ebay Purchase (Take 1) (Photos)



Yup. I got all of the above for $21.49 USD. I got lucky and spotted this deal on a “buy it now” sale. It can join my other two.

Basic Nerf gets a Long Shot (Take 2) (Photo)

What are friends for right?

It’s kinda like this one. I bought this one off a friend for $15 since he doesn’t Nerf anymore. It’s original color was yellow, until he painted over it. The spring and dart hits seem to pack more punch compared to the other Long Shot I got. I’m guessing it’s because this one got less use.

Basic Nerf gets a Long Shot (Photo)


An old friend of mine finally gave up her Long Shot to me. She doesn’t Nerf anymore. The only things wrong with it is that it’s probably been through a lot of things such as misuse, dry firing, etc. Also someone left it primed back for a week before it was given to me. Well, I guess beggars can’t be choosers. I would like a blue one next though!

The Longshot Tenets (Humans vs. Zombies Forum Tips)

tenetsplural of ten·et
Noun: A principle or belief, esp. one of the main principles of a religion or philosophy

Folks at the HvZ Forums came up with some basic, simple tips involving this gun. You can check them out, or hit the jump to read them here.
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