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Nerf Quietly Releases Mega XD Line, Magnus Blaster First Of Many?

Photo thanks to Isiah of the Nerf Modders Welcome Facebook group

In a bit if a surprising twist yesterday, Gamerboy1659 of the popular Facebook group Nerf Modders Welcome posted what looks like normal Mega Magnus boxart. The photo shows just a Magnus boxart, minus the blaster. What’s interesting is that instead of the usual Magnus up to 85 feet advertised ranges, this one advertises up to 95 feet!

There isn’t any other information from Isiah on where he got it from, or how much it costs. But based on previous Nerf trends it should cost the same, or about the same, as a normal Magnus blaster. While a 10 foot range increase isn’t super dramatic, it’s another step closer to the 100 foot ranges of the Mega Centurion. More range for the same price, in the same package is also another positive thing most of the tine. I’ll keep you updated on where he got it from, it’s cost, and other new information I can get related to it.

I wonder if the upcoming Mega Bigshock will feature Mega XD ranges as well? Again based on previous behavior from Nerf, it would be very odd for them to make/brand a new line and NOT include more blasters into it. So I personally expect some upcoming Mega blasters to be put into this line.

UPDATE: Gamerboy1659 has put up a video review of the Magnus XD blaster. I haven’t had the chance to watch it, so I’m not sure what he goes over in it.

Zombie Strike Sidestrike, Crossfire Bow Listings Appear Online, Available in Some Stores As Well As Mega Magnus

The Box Art of the Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow, it also features a new Zombie Strike App

Recently, online listings from upcoming Zombie Strike Sidestrike & Crossfire Bow have been put up.
Target Zombie Strike Crossfire Bow listing, DPCI: 087-11-0392

Target Zombie Strike Sidestrike listing, DPCI: 087-11-0385
Toys R Us Zombie Strike Sidestrike listing

Once again, it seems like Nerf is releasing new products in time for the holidays, and these blasters are their release choices. You can do a store check on these sites in order to see what stores have them. Many in my location don’t have them yet though.

The Magnus blaster has also been spotted in some areas on the East Coast in the USA as well.
Check the rest of the post for Target product shots and product descriptions of the Sidestrike and Crossfire.

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Mega Magnus Target Site Listing Goes Up, Magnus to be Released in a Few Weeks?

A Photo of the Magnus blaster already released in Hong Kong.

Target.com has recently put up a web listing for the Mega Magnus blaster. For us USA people, that means that we should be getting this hopefully sooner then later. If you go to the web listing, there’s a “Find in a Store” option you can use to check Target stocks in your Zip Code. $14.99 is the online price for this blaster.

The product description, found below, is pretty short and to the point.

Make somebody mega happy by treating them to a Nerf N-Strike Elite Mega Magnus Blaster. This Nerf blaster shoots Mega darts up to 85 feet and can hold 3 darts at a time. It has a textured grip and a tactical rail on the bottom. A great gift, this cool new Nerf gun inspires kids to create exciting Nerf battles and games. Ages 8 and up.

Stay tuned to Basic Nerf for more Mega Magnus information as it hits the internet.

Lots of New Mega Magnus Info, including Internals, Mod Guide, Range Test & 3 Country Prices

Photo thanks to Awesomely Nerf

A slew of new information regarding the Mega Magnus has hit the internet in the past few days, specificlly things I haven’t posted in this site yet. This new information has been gathered here for you all, and it includes a mod guide, internals, a range test, another unboxing, and prices for the countries of Canada, USA, and Singapore. Check the rest of this post for that info.
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Upcoming Nerf Mega Magnus Already Released in Hong Kong


Yesterday, the above photo was posted by a Hong Kong Nerf Facebook fan page. No word on it’s official pricing over there, and I’m wondering if it’s similar to the Canada Walmart price we saw about a week ago. This isn’t the first time that Facebook page has given us new info or had new blaster in that part of the world before. The USA, and possibly other countries, could see this blaster coming out this year due to it coming out over in Hong Kong at the moment.

Again, I’ll keep you all updated as more info on this blaster comes out.

8 New Things We Learned From PSYKSG’s Mega Series Magnus Unboxing Video

PSYK priming back the new Mega Series Magnus

Yesterday, Singapore Modder PSYK released an unboxing video of the upcoming Mega Series Magnus. We learned some new things like how to load the blaster, and got confirmation on its internal magazine/clip. But digging around a bit more on the comments of the video and internet let me learn even more new things in addition to what the video provided. So here’s 8 New Things We Learned From PSYKSG’s Mega Series Magnus Unboxing Video. This post is going to feature a good amount of speculations, and perhaps a bit of exciting news or two.

November 3, 2013 6:40 PST Edit – I’ve received a bit of clarification for the photos and blaster used in Point number 8. You can check that for an update. I also received a possible answer to where PSYK got his Magnus from, and edited that info into Point 2 of the post.

EDIT #2: PSYK elaborated with me a little bit more on how he came across his Magnus blaster. That’s been edited into Point #3.
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Walmart Canada Site puts up Mega Magnus Listing, Includes Price Point


Image thanks to i_upboat

You heard to the Walmart Canada website and searched up Nerf Mega,you would get the above image for the upcoming Nerf Mega Magnus blaster. What makes this a bit more exciting new then usual is that we have a sort of price point for the blaster now. It’s being sold for $18.87. So we should see it being for for around that price in other stores. We also recently had this blaster confirmed yesterday by Nerf on Facebook.

The description from the Walmart web listing of the Magnus can be found below.

Description & FeaturesYour battles are about to get a whole lot bigger – Mega bigger! The Magnus blaster has the same high performance as other N-Strike Elite blasters, but it features bigger darts engineered to fire farther than ever! Launch Mega Darts at targets up to 85 feet away and dominate the biggest Nerf battle yet with the Magnus blaster. Its built-in, one-handed clip lets you reload fast to get back in the game, and it comes with 3 Mega Whistler Darts that scream as they fly! Hit the battlefield with Mega power with the Magnus blaster!

Nerf and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

Includes blaster, 3 Mega Darts and instructions

/!\ CAUTION: Do not aim at eyes or face.

TO AVOID INJURY: Use only darts designed for this product. Do not modify darts or dart blaster.

Amazon listing for Nerf Mega Series Magnus blaster Updated with Box Art Photo


I’ve been trying to keep tabs on this blaster in hopes for new information coming out sooner then later. The Amazon.com listing for the Mega Series Magnus has been updated to include a new box art photo (which is pictured above), as well as a product shot of the item. The description is still the same as before, although it’s nice to have more photos of this blaster online.

The second added photo of the blaster from the Amazon listing.

Upcoming Mega Series Magnus Blaster now has Photo & Production Description


Thanks to the German site Bankcroft.de, we now have a photo and an extended product description. It’s being sold on the site for 24.99 EUR. Below is the extended production description, roughly translated.


It was really only a matter of time until the Mega Series is adapted from the Centurion over a meter long on a slightly more compact format. Even if there is something to the market launch yet, we expect the Magnus not before December 2013 or January 2014, we will present you ever Croft Bank of the most important information for the hand Blaster not so distant future. In contrast to the Centurion Magnus needs no external magazine. The ammunition is placed directly above the blaster. As expected, the Blaster is an integrated magazine, which takes a total of 3 darts along with the positioned over darts. With a handle of the clamping mechanism is retracted so that the trigger all the fire power of the Magnus can be discharged. And we know what that means, since we kept the Centurion for the first time in their hands. According to initial rumors, the maximum range of 85 feet Magnus could be (almost 26 meters), which would slightly lower than the proclaimed for the Centurion 100 feet. On a tactical rail accessory rail extensions Hasbro has not waived at the Magnus, it is located at the bottom of the Blasters. The blaster is held in the familiar colors of the Mega Series (red, orange, gray, white, gray) and offers a simple, yet perfected look. Due to the relative low weight, and the present design of a single-Blasters, the Magnus can easily fire with one hand. Included with the Knifte are in addition to the small blaster from the Mega Series is a collection of 3 Mega Darts. There is more ammunition separately in refill packs.

Although the blaster and concept seem cool, the flimsy and non durable Mega Darts are probably going to be a problem until Nerfs get around to fixing those.

According the description, the blaster shouldn’t be out until after December 2013 or January 2014. I’ll keep you updated if/when more info comes out on this blaster.