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Lannie Flowers – “Another Weekend” (Music Video)

The video by pop artist Lannie Flowers, “Another Weekend”. Directed by Norry Niven, Produced by Diana Bland, Executive Producer Alan Petsche, Animation by 3008.

This video was #1 on the MTV website – #1 for “Most Shared Videos”, #1 “Most Commented Videos”, and #6 for “Most Viewed Videos” in March 2013.

Lannie Flowers is a popular indie pop artist that plays extensively in England, New York, Boston, Los Angeles and other major cities.

The song is ok to me. I’m mainly posting for the prevalent Nerf blaster sightings in the video.

HvZ Athens Fall 2012 Invitational Music Video Recap

A pretty sweet music video recap set to the song “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons.

Check out HvZathens.com for more info! They also have a Facebook page. And click here for their Spring game event page. The Spring game will run from April 2 to 9.

Yonas – Pumped Up Kicks (Music Video)

If you guys haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a big Hip-Hop music fan. Yonas of the group U-N-I took the Foster The People song and made it a little bit more positive. I also think it was a nice decision to use water guns instead of dart blasters in the music video.

Humans vs Zombies Camarillo,CA 2012 Summer Recap Music Video

Heres a recap sort of video in a music video style edit. The song is Maroon 5 – Harder to Breathe (The Cool Kids Remix). and since I used that song, the video can’t be viewed in Germany. Sorry Germany readers!

OneDay – Whatever Floats Your Boat, or Sinks It (Music Video)

A pretty sick, HvZ themed music video for the band OneDay’s song called Whatever Floats Your Boat, or Sinks It. Everything is nice here, color correction, effects, makeup, but I have no clue what their saying in the song.

Joey BADA$$ feat. Capital STEEZ – Survival Tactics (Music Video)

Yup, it’s a hip-hop music video, and theres a Nerf Recon blaster appearance at 0:21, 0:32, and more throughout the video. If your a hip-hop fan, check this out for sure. Joey BADA$$ project “1999” drops late March for anyone interested.

This Ain’t a Deploy CS-6 (Photos)




Pretty sure this ain’t a Deploy haha. But does it remind anyone of the Deploy? Screen caps from this music video. Also please note that the music video is of the Hip-Hop genre and contains a decent amount of bad language, but if you don’t mind those things go ahead and check it out.

Nerf’s Dirty Dogs (Music Video)

Out of about 4 times playing at school I’ve gotten around a day and a half of footage and I was inspired to make something out of it. So enjoy this music video!

There ya go. Forgot to post this, and it’s been out there since February I think. Enjoy this music video I edited! Also note that I’m not in this, since I was filming the video.