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If Nerf Fan Sites & Blogs Were NBA Players

Basketball & the NBA was one of my first passions growing up. Now a days I don’t play as much ball and tend to play Nerf more. But I follow the NBA more than ever. As someone who enjoys Nerf and plays/hosts games a decent amount, I often look to other sports to see how they relate to Nerf. After thinking to myself, what Nerf Fan Sites are like NBA players, I came up with this list of 10 popular Nerf sites and how they relate to NBA Players, Teams, or duos.

This list is based on my NBA & Nerf knowledge, each site’s accomplishments & what they do, and my own personal experiences with each person or site. I’ll be drawing parallels and similarities between these things and the basketball.

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MyLastDarts gets the Elite Alpha Trooper CS-12, posts internals photos

The top blaster is the Elite Alpha Trooper’s, and the bottom is the elite Retaliator’s.

MyLastDart recently got his own Elite Trooper’s in the mail today! Glad to see their finally getting out there more and more. You can also check his post for a chance to win your very own Elite Alpha Trooper! It’ll be nice to see this blaster on shelves on Target soon.

As for the plunger system and internals, it looks very similar to the Retaliator, and MyLastDart also says that it has the same spring as the Retaliator. Could these blasters have very similar mod potential? I’m just wondering how much spring load the metal priming bar on the Elite Alpha Trooper will be able to take without breaking or bending.

MyLastDart digs into Nerf Incinerator rumor, revealed to be the Firestrike

Up and coming UK Nerf blogger MyLastDart recently dug into the rumored Incinerator item listing that was spotted months ago. Look up more details from his blog post on his site, but it appears to have been a matter of the name being lost in translation.