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The Basic Nerf 2012 Nerf War/HvZ/Melee Battle Recap Video

Well it took me a couple of months, but I finally finished my recap video! This video is made up of almost 100 percent Nerf War videos shot with a GoPro Hero2. The clips were recorded from June until December. In this video you’ll see Stampede, Rampage, Rayven, Pyragon, Snapfire 8, Hail-Fire, Alpha Trooper, Retaliator, and many more blasters being used by myself and others. You’ll also see head shots, dodging, rushing, diving, a couple of melee attacks, and a couple of funny moments. I would love to tell you more, but I feel like I’ve spoiled the video enough. Please let me know what you think of it!


Basic Nerf Indoor Nerf War Session 11/17/12


On the rainy night of November 17, 2012, some friends and I packed ourselves into an indoor building for some Nerf Games! I invited some members of the Norwalk Nerf League to come over and play again. There was a total of about 20 people playing,

Feel free to check out all the screen caps here, or keep scrolling the posts for a couple favorites of mine, along with the GoPro Nerf War footage I captured.


Rampage Gameplay/Rushing! (Game 1)
I’ve had a couple of people ask me to use the Rampage in a game, so here it is!
Had problems with it jamming up on older Streamline darts for some reason. But when it was working, it reminded me a lot of the Raider.

Getting ready before the first game with everyone participating.

Keep reading for more video and photos!
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11/10/12 Norwalk Nerf League Skirmish for Charity (Photos & Video)

Group shot after all the games

This past November 10, I headed over to Norwalk, donated some money to the Hurricane Sandy relief funds, and played some Nerf games. We raised about $30, which will all go to the Red Cross. Heres the video I got with my GoPro, and some of my favorite photos from the small amount we took during the game. Check out all the photos here.

Game 1 – 4 Team Free for All. I take the shorter ranges with my Stampede, and my friend takes the longer ranges with his modded Retaliator.

Game 2 – TDM – I get out a bit early, but my friend Chris with his Retaliator manages to take over for me and ends the game on a Hail-Fire rush.

Game 3 – TDM – I traded Chris for a new player, and I take a tumble early game which sends things downhill for the rest of my team. Keep reading for more!
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10/13/12 Tactical Edge Footage (Nerf War Video)

Highlights from the 10/13/12 Tactical Edge game

Austrian Nerf group Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag hosts a special indoor game called “Tactical Edge”. They get to use this building (which is usually a church) to play their games. The footage is quite enjoyable, they play Pistols, Capture the Flag, Fortress, Deathmatch, and more!

Below is more footage from the same day, abit it’s only one game’s blaster game footage, also from a GoPro. This one is uploaded by Youtube user VanquisherRX8.

The Library Nerf War (Video)

Months back, my friends and I decided to have a small Nerf War in our school’s library. It was a Friday, so not too many people were in there. Pardon the shaky footage, it was recorded with my cell phone. I guess I can knock that off my Nerf bucket list before I die.

9/15/12 Basic Nerf GoPro Nerf Wars (Video)

3 Man Vortex Pyragon Free for All! (Indoor Church Nerf War)

All my videos from this dates Nerf session. I used the Pyragon, Hail-Fire, and of course my trusty Rayven!

Game 1 – Pyragons vs Rayven (Siege the Fortress)

Game 2 – Comfortable Camping (And the longest Siege the Fortress game ever)

Game 3 – Hail-Fire (stock voltage) ends games quickly (Siege the Fortress)

Game 4 – Hail-Fire (12.6v) Offensive Shooting (Siege the Fortress)

BONUS VIDEO: Cockroach vs. a Modded Nerf Blaster

3 Man Vortex Pyragon Free for All Bonus Footage (Getting my Sneak on)