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Elite Barrel Break IX-2 & Dart Tag Snapfire 8 spotted on Toys R Us Website

Box Art of the Elite Barrel Break IX-2

Thanks to My Last Dart for the heads up on this new bit of Nerf info. It looks like the latest blaster to get the Elite treatment recolor is the Barrel Break. Following in the similar trend with the “N-Strike Elite Jolt” this is probably just a re-color of the blaster, with no performance gain. It still has the N-Strike name on the box, and the same N-Strike logo. The Toys R Us price is $24.99 though, and while it’s not out yet, the Toys R Us site puts the pre-order delivery date at 02/22/2013 (February 22, 2013). Product features are below.

The Barrel Break IX-2 is a double-barrel blaster!
Fire one Elite dart at a time or unleash both barrels at once!
Break-open barrel!
Includes 10 Elite Darts.
Elite Darts work with any N-Strike Elite blaster (sold separately).

It’s a bit disappointing that they won’t be bringing back the Dart Holder that came with the original Barrel Break. I’d rather just get a Rough Cut to be honest. Click here to view the Toys R Us listing for the Barrel Break IX-2.


Check below for the Toys R Us listing and pre-order shipping date of the long awaited Dart Tag Snapfire 8.
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Basic Nerf War 1/6/13 Videos (My First Nerf Wars of 2013)

Nerf War TDM – Elite Rayven 8.4v Gameplay (Game 1)

First game with the Elite Rayven. The ranges on an Elite Rayven running 8.4v are about 5-10 feet better then it’s stock voltage. Also, I like the faster spin up time. Game 1 of 5 that we played that day.

My first game of 2013!

If you haven’t been keeping up with my Youtube Channel, then you might have missed my first batch of 2013 GoPro recorded Nerf Wars. Check my channel for them (and more!) or keep reading this post to see the rest of the games.

Nerf War/Scavenger Hunt – Leading The Team (Elite Rayven Gameplay) (Game 2)

So before the game, I thought it was a good idea for the girls with their lesser skills to go around solving the riddles and collecting the items for the team, while the guys protected them and held off attackers. There were 7 items to collect, and if your team collects the majority of them then your team wins the game. Items dropped off at your base are safe and can not be taken by the other team.

It was 5 of our team, vs 6 of the other team.

Check below for 3 more games/videos.
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A Basic Nerf interview with Canberra & Riverina Dart Tag (Write Up)

Hey everyone, I’m back with another interview. This time it’s with my two newest affiliates, Canberra & Riverina Dart Tag. Their the two biggest Nerf groups in Australia, and their creators Neil (of Canberra Dart Tag) and Andrew (of Riverina Dart Tag) took the time to answer some questions. We talked about a variety of topics such as HvZ, N-Strike Elite, Milsim, and the female audience.

Tell us a little bit about who your are and what you guys do personally for the Facebook pages.
Andrew – I’m Andrew Goldstraw (Goldie).
I am the Chief Aministrator and Creator Of the Facebook Page Riverina Dart Tag. I am responsible for the majority of posts on the page (Including Photo’s, Events, links and comments). Though I am not the only one who does this , I also have a team of talented and skilled admins that do a brilliant job.
Neil – Well I work for the Federal Government here in Canberra. Have lived in Canberra for about 5 years. Prior to that I’ve lived in England, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and a few other places. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to say I’m the driving force behind the page and the group. I’ve put a lot of work into both and I’m pretty happy with how it’s all turned out. But it’s not all me – I’ve got a very good group of Admins: Dave Beswick, Chris Wolfe, Brendon ‘Soul’ Smith, Glenn ‘Aloysius’ Fairbairn, Lachlan Horne, Joe Craddy and Carl Hendy. They all bring their own unique set of skills and ideas with them.

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