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Disney to buy Hasbro? (Rumor)

What kind of madness is this? Is Disney planning some sort of global entertainment takeover? MTV Geek comes through with this piece of news and says that Disney and Hasbro are in serious talks to buy this big company.

By “Geek Spy”

OK folks, take this one with a grain of plastic for the time being. Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ve heard that Disney acquired Lucasfilm for roughly $4 billion last week and Marvel for around the same price a few years prior. Well, we have it on good authority that serious discussions are happening at the highest levels of both Disney and Hasbro to fold the largest toy and game company on the planet into the Mouse.

From what we’re told, these are still just discussions at this point, but serious enough that something could be announced at any time and create ripples throughout the entertainment industry. The Lucasfilm acquisition has been reported as taking as few as 6 months to complete. On the other hand, Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger has until 2015 on his current contract, and he waited about 3 years in between the acquisitions of Marvel and Lucasfilm, so we may be without firm news on this for some time.

The acquisition would give Disney the rights to Transformers, G.I. Joe, Dungeons and Dragons, Beyblade, Battleship, Nerf, and Magic: The Gathering among several dozen other game titles and IP. When you add Marvel and Star Wars to that list it’s a pretty comprehensive lock on boy’s entertainment; a far cry from a few years back when Disney was heavily criticized for losing its grip on boys.

Hasbro holds the toy and table top game licenses to the now Disney-owned Star Wars and Marvel, and has shown great success with those franchises, as well as exploiting their own IP across film, television, and games. We’ve already seen some cross-pollination with Star Wars Transformers and Monopoly. And Hasbro isn’t shy from M&A having scooped up Parker Brothers, Kenner, Tonka, Milton Bradley, and Wizards of the Coast over the years. So from an outsider’s perspective this makes a ton of sense for all involved.

So if this turns out to be true, what will it mean for these franchises and their homes, and what will it mean for The Hub, the Hasbro-Discovery JV cable net?

The Transformers and G.I. Joe films are with Paramount, but as we saw with Marvel, that could easily change. The animated series are with The Hub, along with Beyblade, Kaijudo, and others, and it’s not clear how that channel would fit into Disney’s plans. They could be folded into Disney XD, and the girls brands folded into Disney Channel. On the comics’ side this would be bad news for IDW, just as the Marvel acquisition was for BOOM! and the Lucasfilm acquisition is likely to be for Dark Horse.

But here’s hoping to a Marvel vs. Star Wars vs. Transformers vs. G.I. Joe vs. D&D vs. Bronies video game! (So yeah, this means Disney would also own My Little Pony, and there would be plenty of cross-over material there, too.)

If they end up buying Hasbro, who knows that Disney will do with it? Mickey Mouse/Disney themed blasters? As long as Nerf keeps giving us good quality, innovative toys like their used to, I’ll be happy with that.

Nerf FireVision Sports TV Commercial (Video)

Nerf’s latest commercial is advertising the FireVision sports line of theirs. I still gotta try these out sometime.

Help California Airsoft & Nerf Players stop SB1315

Posted on the Nerf Facebook. A very similar bill was passed around last summer as well, called SB798. What this new bill and the bill last summer are basically saying is that the government would control the manufacturing of Airsoft in California. Also, imitation guns (aka Airsoft guns) would have to be painted bright colors.

This bill is based off an incident that occurred (can’t find a link at the moment) a couple of years ago. Cops were in a dark environment and some teens were acting shady. The cops tried to talk to them, but they ran off. One teen made a move towards his Airsoft gun, and the cop had to make a judgement call. The cop shot first, and it was later revealed that the teen only had an Airsoft gun. The bill is being passed to help protect officers in the field, but heres reasons why the bill isn’t too good.

– The above incident could have been avoided if the teens had just listened to the cops.
– Painting Airsoft guns the color of, say a toy gun, would make Airsoft less popular. Airsoft is what is used the most for military sims, and it’s most popular in Southern California.
– The bad guys could just paint their guns the color of the toy guns, and they would still be lethal.
– Federal controlled manufacturing would make lots of people lose their jobs.

NERF friends. Pay heed. This could affect those in California. Most people are upset that it will affect Airsoft. But if you read it, it covers TOY GUNS. Nerf could be covered by this bill. If you dont believe me read SB1315. Due to the clever all encompassing legalize, it lists TOY GUNS. Which could cover NERF.

SB1315 has passed the California Assembly and is now on the governor’s desk. There are only 8 more days for Governor Brown to sign the bill and pass it into law. WE HAVE NO TIME TO LOSE this could be signed anytime between now and the 24th SO DON’T WASTE A MOMENT AND CONTACT THE GOVERNOR NOW!
Please contact the California state governor and oppose to SB1315 today! Help us help you save Airsoft!

Have as many people as you know in CA call the governor’s office at (916) 445-284
1 (press 1 for English, then press 6 for a representative) and say: My name is _______, I am calling about SB1315 and I oppose it.

Also have them go to the governor’s website at: http://gov.ca.gov/m_contact.php and fill in his/her name, email, choose SB1315 from the drop-down menu and press “submit”. This will take you to another page where you will select “CON” and write a message to the governor.

You can see the whole bill here.
Bullet points and basics here.

Koosh ball launchers, from the makers of Nerf

Nerf took to their facebook not too long ago to share with us some info on the Koosh line.

Hey Nation, is anyone out there tired of their kids or little brothers stealing your Nerf blasters? Everyone loves Nerf, but that doesn’t mean you always want to share your collection. Now you won’t have to! From the makers of Nerf, the all-new Koosh Ball Launchers are made specifically for kids aged 3-7 and bring soft, active, fun, ball-blasting play to a new generation. http://www.Koosh.com

Interesting stuff, with it being marketed to 3-7 year olds instead of Nerf’s usual 8 and up. I’m sure these will be a lot of fun.

Nerf shuts down their Youtube Channel, changes to come? (Photo)


Strange news today, my affiliate Shining Foam let me know recently that Nerf has taken down their official Youtube channel. Check it for yourself. I can only think of a couple reasons as to why they would do this.

1. Their going to start a new channel. I’m not sure why they would do this, possibly to promote their new N-Strike Elite line, but I’m sure many wouldn’t mind seeing that stuff on their channel.
2. To change their current channel. While their programmers/designers work on new html code for a background, Nerf decided to take down their channel. Again, I don’t think this really necessary.
3. It was hacked.
4. It was an accident. I highly doubt this, because I’m sure if it was an accident, it would be correctly almost immediately. I have seen channels come back from bans and deletions before.
5. (Insert your own theory here.)

So lets wait and see what happens. If your on Facebook, feel free to leave them a message about it there. Do any of you have your own theories? Post them here!

6/21/12 EDIT: Yesterday, Nerf took to their Facebook and responded. As of 12 PM PST, their channel still isn’t up.

6/28/12 EDIT: The channel is back! See it here for proof.