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Nerf4Hire – The Ambush (Foam Film)

Nerf 4 Hire just put out their latest entertaining Foam Film yesterday. I also must say that I was a bit surprised with the ending. I’ve also put up the behind the scenes footage they shot below.

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Nerf4hire Party Package Promo Video

For the ultimate birthday party rent a package of Nerf guns and have a huge Nerf War. With several packages available starting at £60 for 10 kids we are sure to have the package for your needs and can accommodate up to 40 kids. This service is only available in the UK, go to http://www.Nerf4hire.com/ for more details.

Check out the promo video from affiliate Nerf 4 Hire on their Nerf party blaster rental. This is a very nicely done video if I do say so myself.

Nerf4Hire – The Safezone (Foam Film)

Affilate Nerf4Hire has finally released his Foam Film called The Safezone. It’s a sponsored Foam Film, and it’s being shot with professional equipment. Check out his channel for behind the scenes footage, and go below for the bloopers.
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Nerf4Hire – The Safezone (Trailer)

Affiliate Nerf4Hire has just released a trailer for his upcoming Nerf War film called “The Safezone”. His previous attempt to create a Dart Tag tournament in the UK ran into some problems, so he decided to work on this film instead. It comes out June 1, but check out more details here.

Nerf 4 Hire – Infected (Trailer)

Trailer for the upcoming project.

Nerf 4 Hire is trying to get a professional project going for a Nerf film. In fact, it’s going to be so crazy, that, according to his blog, will feature “professional custom painted Nerf blasters for the lead characters, professional makeup and costumes, a dirt bike chase, real explosions, a real helicopter, professional VFX, military vehicles, and a variety of epic locations.”

If your interested for more details or want to help fund, check out more here.