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Toys R Us Nerf Rebelle Exclusive – Golden Edge Bow


Toys R Us has put up an online listing for an exclusive new Rebelle item, the Golden Edge Bow. It’s a recolor of the Heartbreaker “Phoenix and Vine bows. The online listing also claims that it comes with 5 unique Golden Edge darts.

My initial thought is that this item is pretty dang bright on the eyes, but I’m glad that their giving everyone more color options for people to buy. More options is almost always nice. Product description and another image below.

You’re the guardian angel when you take aim with the Nerf Rebelle Golden Edge Bow! Load your rapid-firing crossbow and watch the golden wings on its bow arms flex as it fires darts up to 75 feet. Just pull the string back to flex your angelic wings. When the green indicator shows, release the string to launch your Golden Edge dart at the included target with pose and power! Keep track of your darts in the removable dart storage accessory. You’ll get fast-flying dart action and quick, bold blasting with the Golden Edge bow!

Includes Golden Edge bow, 5 Golden Edge darts, dart storage accessory, target and instructions.


Original Toys R Us online listing.

Thanks to MyLastDart for the heads up.

The Basic Nerf N-Strike Elite Rayven CS-18 Review (Write Up)

The box art for the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rayven CS-18

Back in late 2011/early 2012, Nerf released the N-Strike Rayven CS-18. After critical acclaim from both stock users and modders a like, it seems like it was an easy decision to bring the popular blaster into the Elite line a year later. The suggested retail price for the Rayven was $29.99 USD, while the suggested price for the Elite Rayven is $34.99 USD, about $5 more. Is this blaster worth the extra money? If I already own and like the Rayven, should I get the Elite one? I’ll answer those questions and more in this review.

If your not familar with the original Rayven and it’s features, check out my review of the original Rayven CS-18 to keep up with this one. I won’t mention to many features about the Elite Rayven, since the old Rayven has the exact same outsides and shell as the Elite one.

While on the outside the Elite Rayven only has a new (but good looking!) paint job, it has has small improvements over the original, which make a big difference in Nerf games. Keep reading to check out my Elite Rayven CS-18 review in full, complete with photos and videos showing it off in action.
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A Possible UK Release Date for the Mega Centurion (Rumor)


A UK site lists the Mega Centurion coming out 5/10/13, but a May release wouldn’t make sense because we would have been seeing advertising for a big Nerf product coming out a month from now. If you instead use 10/5/13 as a release date, October 5, 2013 makes more sense for a product coming out. The image their also using on their site is from MyLastDart’s website, which makes their listing a bit shady in itself.

Source Link

A Possible Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 USA & International Release Date (Rumor)

So I’m not going to post those leaked Rapidstrike CS-18 images, I’m pretty sure that Hasbro higher ups wouldn’t want them getting out even more. The blaster itself hasn’t been officially announced or acknowledged by Nerf, so far this whole thing is unofficial.

April 17, 2013 EDIT: After asking the USA Public Relations Contacts for information on this blaster, they appear to not have any, or any to publicly share, at the moment.

We might have an “unofficial” release date for this upcoming blaster though. Previous store listings Shops.Ch and Soundmedia.ch have put up the release date of August 30, 2013 on their listing for the item.

These are overseas sites though, and I remember the USA got the Elite line first with a soft release date being around August 1 last year. I don’t recall when overseas markets started to get it, although something in feelings is telling me that they started to get it a month later. So if the date being listed is late August for the overseas market, could the USA get this around August 1?

At the very least, can someone give a reminder on when the international markets, or their countries, started to get the Elite line back in 2012?

April 17, 2013 EDIT: Apparently fan blog UK Nerf spotted the Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 and Elite Mega Centurion on Ebay and purchased them. The seller made an error and will be shipping the orders to them at a later date. They said May 22 is when they receive their stock. Could June be a possible UK release date for this item?

Shops.ch changes Vortex Revonix360 description, removes 3 disk shooting, blaster comes with stock?

Image thanks to the Nerf Wikia

Shops.ch has apparently changed their original site listing of the Revonix360. The new description reads,

Le pistolet lance-disques Revonix 360 est le plus puissant de la gamme! Il tire à plus de 20 m! Une capacité de stockage de 30 disques pour des tirs en rafale! La crosse est ajustable et le chargeur est rotatif!

or when translated,

Gun launcher discs Revonix 360 is the most powerful of the range! It takes more than 20 m! A storage capacity of 30 records for firing burst! The stock is adjustable and the charger is rotating!

What caught my eye about this new description is a new mention of a stock and the removal of the 3 disk shooting mentioned in the old description. The image on the Nerf wikia seems to support this new claim, and it’s been up on the page for a decent amount of time.

I’m not sure exactly where the Nerf Wikia got this image from, but the Revonix360 part of the image seems to match up fairly well with the NYC Toy Fair 2013 photos and videos.

If the above image is real, the stock looks very similar to the Raider’s stock, but instead of a sort of tube that the Raider stock was adjusted on, this one looks more square and less rounded. The shoulder area also looks longer and more curved then the Raider stock. I’ll try to find out where this image came from and how credible the source is, but until then what do you think of this news?

Elite Alpha Trooper being sold on Amazon UK


Ways of getting the famed Elite Alpha Trooper are slowly making it’s way across the internet. A 3rd party selling has started selling them on Amazon UK for £29.95, even though the suggested retail price for the blaster is about £19.95. The price their selling it for converts to about $45 USD. I tried adding it my cart to see the shipping cost, which is almost as much as the blaster, and the total cost was in the 90s.

Guess I’ll be waiting for Target’s in the USA to get theirs until then.

Napa Valley College Humans vs. Zombies Blaster Ban coming into effect

Photo thanks to Nappa Valley Registry

This was shared on my Facebook page recently. It seems that once again another school’s HvZ has gotten reduced, and not just in quality, but play area size as well. Here’s a portion of the article that I quoted.

College officials argue, however, that the sight of students running with blasters through campus has raised concerns among some students and faculty. In the wake of recent school shootings across the U.S., gun violence has become an increasingly sensitive issue, said Benjamin Quesada, student life coordinator at Napa Valley College.

This semester, officials are requiring players not to use foam dart blasters, and to keep the game restricted to smaller, separate areas of campus.

Instead of dart blasters, players may use rolled-up socks or little cloth bags of bird seed, which are similar to bean bags, Quesada said. The areas of play will be limited to sections of campus that are farther away from classrooms and will be coned off and have signs indicating that a game is in progress, he said.

I asked what we as a Nerf & HvZ community could do to help, and all that was requested was that we share this news link with others and keeping spreading the word on the struggle.

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View the Nappy Valley College HvZ Facebook page here.