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9/15/12 Basic Nerf GoPro Nerf Wars (Video)

3 Man Vortex Pyragon Free for All! (Indoor Church Nerf War)

All my videos from this dates Nerf session. I used the Pyragon, Hail-Fire, and of course my trusty Rayven!

Game 1 – Pyragons vs Rayven (Siege the Fortress)

Game 2 – Comfortable Camping (And the longest Siege the Fortress game ever)

Game 3 – Hail-Fire (stock voltage) ends games quickly (Siege the Fortress)

Game 4 – Hail-Fire (12.6v) Offensive Shooting (Siege the Fortress)

BONUS VIDEO: Cockroach vs. a Modded Nerf Blaster

3 Man Vortex Pyragon Free for All Bonus Footage (Getting my Sneak on)

The Vortex Pyragon Basic Nerf Review (Write Up)


I still haven’t reviewed the Vortex series or any of it’s blasters, so I figured why not start out with the latest Vortex blaster, the Pyragon? I’ve had a good amount of use with all the Vortex blasters actually, but haven’t had the time to write up review on any of them, so be on the lookout for reviews on those in the future. I’ll be reviewing it’s features, usages in Nerf Wars & HvZ, and even give some user tips.

How does the Pyragon compare to the N-Strike Raider CS-35, and what does the Vortex line have to do with the N-Strike Line of 2009? Keep reading to find out, and thanks to Nerf for sending me this!
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