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Nerf N-Strike Elite Triad spotted on Amazon.com for $20


Randomshadow09 posted this news on the HvZ Forums a couple of days ago. Theres no product description, but it looks like Nerf is finally selling this blaster for all to buy, product description below.

Micro Triad EX-3 blaster has mega power
Blaster knows which barrel is loaded
Fires darts up to 75′
Cocking handle readies your shot
Includes blaster and 3 Elite darts

Not really much of a description, but if you keep up with the NIC, you’ll already know much more about this blaster. In the meantime check out Randomshadow09’s range test of the blaster below.

12/17/12 EDIT:
Click here for Amazon link.


N-Strike Elite Stryfe Range Test/Technical Observations Videos

First range test is up on Youtube! Unfortunately when I went out of the house today I forget to bring the normal AA batteries, but I brought the trustfires! I swear the motors are the same as the Hail-Fires, they sound pretty much the same. So they’ll get around the same ranges. Blaster is running at 12.6v.

In the above video is some technical stuff I noticed in it’s stock form. I talk about things such as 12.6v looking like the max voltage it can take, the jam door, and mag area that seems to do away with the Rayven magazine problems.

Announcement: I may have received faulty N-Strike Elite Blasters

It’s a “dud”, get it?

After getting underwhelming ranges in my N-Strike Elite blaster range tests, I asked Foam From above what his ranges were. He and Rogue1283 (co-owner of Nerf Revolution, he also received the package) said they get 50-60 constantly with their blasters when fired from shoulder height, parallel to the ground. I did the same thing with both the Retaliator & Rampage, fired at least 30 Elite darts between the two, and only got past 50 feet a couple of times.

I’ve taken down the Retaliator range test video that I put up on my channel, and I’ll be re-doing the range tests tomorrow, including measuring angled ranges. If I still can’t hit 50-60 feet constantly, or find it hard to reach 75 feet, I’ll have to talk to Nerf to see whats up with this.