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Latest Blaster Reveal is the Rebelle Agent Bow

01_Nerf_Rebelle Agent Bow_318776_001

All the major Nerf blaster lines, such as the MEGA series, N-Strike Elite series, and Zombie Strike line have all had a special blaster revealed that will come Fall 2014 to the USA and UK. Now thanks to UK Nerf and a UK Nerf press release, we now have a photo, product description, and price on the upcoming Rebelle Agent bow.

· Ages 8 years & up

· SRP: £29.99

· Available: Autumn 2014

The Nerf Rebelle Agent bow is perfect for high-profile missions that require accuracy and skill. Release the string and watch as the first ever Nerf Rebelle foam-dart arrows soar up to 85 feet across the sky making a whistling sound! For added precision, the Agent Bow features an electronic glowing red dot that provides better aiming accuracy with every shot.

The trigger lights up the blaster’s reflex sight that you can see a bit of above the trigger. And that’s a unique ammo type for the blaster as well!