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N-Strike Elite XD Line Brings New Standard of Range to Nerf

Rapidstrike Images found on Baidu. You can see the XD distances on the bottom right of the box.

The “Elite XD” branding first appeared on the Elite Demolisher 2-In-1 Blaster box. The XD standing for “Extra Distance” and boasting ranges of up to 90 feet instead of the usual 75 feet ranges of the Elite line. And now according to my public relations contacts at Nerf, the XD distance and branding is here to stay! You can also see XD branded Retaliator, Strongarm, and Stockade (boasting up to 85 feet) below. These blasters, and the Rapidstrike above, also have new paintjobs.

Instagram photos thanks to Foam From Above.

I’m personally on the excited side for these. Normal flat ranges for Elite blasters were 40-50 feet with Elite Darts. Could we 50-60 feet flat with these newly revamped blasters? Stay tuned to my blog for more on that in the future!

Introducing the Stryfe Mission Kit, only at Kohls


A few weeks ago, people on the net spotted the above special deal posted on the Kohls website. It’s being sold for $60 on the site, but is “on sale” for $47.99. Product description below.

Find your target from 75 feet away and complete your mission with this Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe CS-18 Mission Kit by Hasbro.

Product Features:
Blaster’s Acceleration Trigger powers up the motor for motorized blasting
Add more precision and control with the barrel extension, removable stock and Tactical Grip Handle
Reload fast with the Quick Reload Clip
Elite darts work with any Elite blaster and most N-Strike blasters (sold separately)
Blaster’s Tactical Rail is compatible with most N-Strike accessories (sold separately)

Product Details:
Kit includes: Stryfe CS-18 blaster, Quick Reload Clip, 18 Elite Darts, removable stock, barrel extension, tactical grip handle & instructions
Ages 8 years & up
Requires 4 “AA” batteries (not included)
Some assembly required

While the price is quite steep, it seems like a great starter kit of sorts for people new to Nerf. It also puts more accessories on the market, which most of us have wanted. The price seems fairly fair, since a Stryfe is $20, and a Retaliator is about $27 or $28. Those two things together already cover the price of this kit, but you get a Stockade stock, and 18 dart mag instead.

Basic Nerf Night of Nerf Game Videos (April 27, 2013)

On a night in late April 2013, I met up with a group of friends at a park, and we played a few Nerf games. I you don’t check my Youtube channel too often, and you should because there’s a lot of good stuff on it, then here’s the 4 games that I recorded from that night.

Game 1 – Nerf War Siege The Fort (Offense) – A Vortex Diatron Attack (Vortex Diatron Gameplay)

This video is from a Nerf session that took place in April. I decided to use the Diatron here and see how it is.

Siege the Fort is a very simple game. There are two teams, attackers and defenders. The attacking team starts off with 2 or 3 people, and have one hit on them. When they are hit, they must go back and touch their spawn point to re-enter the game.

The defenders start off on the playground equipment or in a defensive position/area. They have 3 hits on them. When they are hit 3 times, they must go touch the respawn point, and then join the attacking team. The attacking team tries to convert all the defenders to attackers, and the defending team tries to stay alive as long as possible. You can edit the defender goal to have them try and survive a certain amount of time in order to give them a victory condition.

Game 2 – Siege the Fort (Defense) – Mid Game Blaster Switching (Firestrike, Retaliator, Raider)

I start off with the Firestrike, but switch off to the Retaliator, and then Raider to defend myself while trying to fix my friend’s blaster issues during the game. A bit on the hectic side for me personally, but it was quite the challenge!

Check out the rest of the post for the other two game videos from that night.
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New Sonic Ice Series Rampage spotted as Toys R Us Exclusive in Hong Kong, Retaliator & Hail-Fire to Follow

Photo thanks to Hong Kong Nerf Fan Page

There were a couple of leaked accessories that were posted online in the past month or so, but one of the new “Sonic Ice” series blasters has recently been spotted in Hong Kong. The caption, (when translated through Google Translate) says that it’s a Toys R Us exclusive. If you want one right now, you can buy one of Taobao. What’s also interesting about the listing is that one of the images is of the back of the box, which shows the Retaliator and Hail-Fire as two more upcoming Sonic Ice series blasters.


I’ll try to have more info, and possibly a release date on this VERY soon.

N-Strike Elite Rapid Strike Mission Kit Unboxing (Photos)


One of my friends went to Kohl’s and got his hands on the Rapid Strike Mission Kit and took some photos of the unboxing of it. Theres no new info on/in this, but if you want to check out more photos, keep scrolling. Thanks again to the Prince of Cats!



More photos below, so keep reading the post for more.
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Kohls.com reveals Nerf Elite Rapid Strike Mission Kit

Thanks to the Nerf Hub for the heads up.

Kohls.com has reveals a Nerf Elite Rapid Strike Mission Kit for sale on their site. It comes with two 18 dart Elite clips, 36 elite darts, and the bare Retaliator. The website says that the original pricing is $54.99, but right now it’s on sale for $36.99. It’s not too bad of a deal, since 2 18 Elite Clips will cost you about $25, and then the bare Retaliator would cost you about $12.