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White Elite Rough Cut Explained, while possible New Red/Orange Elite Stryfe Spotted

The newly spotted “Red” Stryfe, alongside the other recently leaked White Rough Cut.

Recently, a possible new Red Stryfe has been spotted on Baidu. The quality of the photo isn’t the best though, and many are questioning the possible color of this leaked photo. The photo seems to give off a Red/Pink color scheme, but again the photo is on the grainy side. I’m personally thinking that the Stryfe could be an orange color, and that the concentrated amount of it, as well as the low light, is giving the camera a deceiving look. The orange on the White Elite Rough Cut is looking like Red/Pink as well in some areas. This is the main reason as to why I think this newly seen Stryfe is an Orange color.

In isolated, rotated look at the Red/Orange Stryfe.

A collection of White Rough Cuts

It also seems like we’ve gotten a bit of official confirmation from Hasbro Australia that the White Rough Cut will be a Target exclusive in Australia. It will “most likely” be a Target USA Exclusive as well.

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Basic Nerf Night of Nerf Game Videos (April 27, 2013)

On a night in late April 2013, I met up with a group of friends at a park, and we played a few Nerf games. I you don’t check my Youtube channel too often, and you should because there’s a lot of good stuff on it, then here’s the 4 games that I recorded from that night.

Game 1 – Nerf War Siege The Fort (Offense) – A Vortex Diatron Attack (Vortex Diatron Gameplay)

This video is from a Nerf session that took place in April. I decided to use the Diatron here and see how it is.

Siege the Fort is a very simple game. There are two teams, attackers and defenders. The attacking team starts off with 2 or 3 people, and have one hit on them. When they are hit, they must go back and touch their spawn point to re-enter the game.

The defenders start off on the playground equipment or in a defensive position/area. They have 3 hits on them. When they are hit 3 times, they must go touch the respawn point, and then join the attacking team. The attacking team tries to convert all the defenders to attackers, and the defending team tries to stay alive as long as possible. You can edit the defender goal to have them try and survive a certain amount of time in order to give them a victory condition.

Game 2 – Siege the Fort (Defense) – Mid Game Blaster Switching (Firestrike, Retaliator, Raider)

I start off with the Firestrike, but switch off to the Retaliator, and then Raider to defend myself while trying to fix my friend’s blaster issues during the game. A bit on the hectic side for me personally, but it was quite the challenge!

Check out the rest of the post for the other two game videos from that night.
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Nerf brings Double Your Blasting Target Challenge to Roblox


Nerf has just updated their official game section on the game called Roblox. I’ve seen my little cousin play the game once in awhile. The challenge is supposedly really easy to accomplish. Check below for the official description and a game video.

Get ready for some serious target practice! Select either the new Diatron blaster or the new Rough Cut blaster and hit as many targets as you can each 5 minute round. Targets are worth different points so be on the lookout for red targets – they’re worth extra points! Be sure to grab the different power ups so you can shoot faster and score more points.As an added bonus, the MVP of each round will be able to unlock the upgraded Rough Cut blaster with precision scope. © 2013 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.

Basic Nerf’s own Nerf Elite Masterkey (Photos)

Making this was easier then I thought it would be, it just took some time and careful cutting.

So if you follow my Facebook page or watch my ever expanding Youtube channel, you’ve already seen these photos in this post and small video I uploaded. In case you didn’t know, the Masterkey is basically a Shotgun under an assault Rifle’s barrel. The Shotgun attachment is used to open doors, hence the name “Masterkey”.

Inspired by the first Elite Masterkey video by Solscud, it was a thought that just bubbled around in my mind until I saw Neil (former head administrator of Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag) rocking, that’s when it moved up another level of coolness for me. Especially with that Elite Pinpoint Sight to top it off.

Photo by Stephen Dann of the Canberra Nerf Group

I decided to make by own, partly because it looks so dang cool, part boredom, and partly because I want it be my next HvZ blaster. I give a lot of props to my uncle though, he’s been a handy man for a long time in his life and without his skills with tools, and his insight and how to cut and remove certain things, I would probably still be working on this. Instead, it took us about 6 or 7 hours to make this.

If you have the blasters handy, and need someone to put it together for you, try checking out JSI Modding! I can’t reveal too much on their prices, but for about $40 USD they’ll do the work for you. I would highly recommend checking them out if you have seconds thoughts on this mod, or any mod you have in mind. And for people outside of the USA, they also do international shipping!

Keep reading the post for more photos, more of my thoughts on this, and a small video of it in action.
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Nerf Double Your Blasting Commercial (Video)

Watch the Nerf Double Your Blasting Commercial featuring the N-Strike Elite Rough Cut and the Vortex Diatron blasters.

Their latest commercial finally hits Youtube. This is also the first time I’ve seen an Elite & Vortex blaster together in the same commercial.