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If Nerf Fan Sites & Blogs Were NBA Players

Basketball & the NBA was one of my first passions growing up. Now a days I don’t play as much ball and tend to play Nerf more. But I follow the NBA more than ever. As someone who enjoys Nerf and plays/hosts games a decent amount, I often look to other sports to see how they relate to Nerf. After thinking to myself, what Nerf Fan Sites are like NBA players, I came up with this list of 10 popular Nerf sites and how they relate to NBA Players, Teams, or duos.

This list is based on my NBA & Nerf knowledge, each site’s accomplishments & what they do, and my own personal experiences with each person or site. I’ll be drawing parallels and similarities between these things and the basketball.

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N-Strike Elite Rough Cut 2×4 already for sale in Malaysia, shows Slamfire and Internal Photos

According to a video and photos hitting the net recently, the N-Strike Elite Ruff Cut is being sold in already for the price of 80.90 (malaysian ringgit). Does this mean we’ll also get it in the USA soon? I sure hope so.

In the video above, they also show that the blaster comes with Slam Fire! However it just seems like the darts tumble out of the blaster, and the angle on it isn’t good. So we’ll just have to see if they put up more video.

Facebook user Ci Kaj Id S put up more photos of a Ruff Cut that he got.

If you check the photo of the manual above, it shows that the Ruff Cut has a single shot, double shot, and slam fire firing modes!

and Facebook user Phang Kuok Sing has uploaded two shots of the Ruff Cut internals.

Thanks to SG Nerf for gathering the info!

SG Nerf acquires Blue N-Strike Jolt (Photos)

I’m sure you guys have already seen photos of this online, but since Nerf PR has been a bit iffy of their supported blogs posting leaked info, I figured I’d hold out on certain info. This one doesn’t seem toooo special, it’s got the N-Strike Elite paint job on it, but SG Nerf says it has about the same ranges.

Check out SG Nerf’s site for more info!

SG Nerf reveals Direct Plunger system in Nerf N-Strike Elite Rampage

Well, it looks like the Nerf mod fan’s wishes have been answered!Just like the LongsShot and Stampede, it appears that the new N-Strike Elite line will have direct plungered blasters. Direct Plunger system blasters get more ranges then reverse plunger blasters. It looks like the Elite line will be here to stay. Go here for more photos.

A comparison photo, with the Longshot above and Rampage below.

Introducing The Spectres (Video)

Before you go wtf like I did, check their Facebook page for more info. This is another Singapore enthusiast team that put their event to see at the Bishan East Karting & Nerf Shootout 2012. If you do a search, you can find a poster for the event.

Pretty cool, I can respect this sort of thing. SG Nerf uploaded some photos of this event as well.

Basic Nerf Interviews SG Nerf

I’ve been blessed to interview SG Nerf about a variety of topics. Among those include his blog history, Singapore Nerfing, play styles & tactics, and current and future Nerf & Buzz Bee products. Does their mandatory military training factor into Nerf? And how does SG Nerf find time to answer all your questions? Hit the jump to find out!

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sparsapr – SG Jungle Warfare (Video)

Whew toss me a suit and some boots and I’m down to play. Some Singapore Nerfers playing in some pretty good foliage. Hit the jump for 3 other videos, one of them including a cooking class!

Video by Skool of Fish. As you can see, you might have to mod your gun to get it past the branches and trees.
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