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A Tricked Out Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 Thanks to a Few Friendly Nerf Sites (Video)

This is a sort of shoutout video thanking the people and their sites who made my latest Nerf War primary and product reviews possible.

White Stripped Elite Rapidstrike CS-18 thanks to Mike at Tactical Tag. I won his giveaway for his White Strip Painted Elite Rapidstrike CS-18.

The Sights are thanks to SlyDev. It’s their front and back sight, and I hope to have a review of those items in the future.

The Vertical Grip was thanks to Dorm Labs. It’s retractable, so you can use it as a grip, or put it back up when it’s not in use.

I also end the video by seeing if can shut the blaster down running it at 16.8v (4 Trustfires) and going through 3 18 dart mags.

Introducing the newest Affiliate: Sly Dev Store


I’m proud to announce affiliation with an Australian Nerf site who’s been doing his own business thing for a bit. The Sly Dev store sells all sorts of quality Nerf things, from sights, to Jolt attachments, to tactical rail attachments, and more. All from the help of his 3D printer. So from the USA to Australia, we salute you and we are glad to be supporting each other in our future efforts.

PS: Look out for a review from me of some of his accessories in the future!